Best New Releases, Part Two: Butcher The Bar, Centro-Matic, Bobby, Wonderful, Rubblebucket, Grown-Ups, Diva, Priory, Grieves


Because there are so many noteworthy releases out this week, we divided up what would otherwise be one long post into two different playlist mixes that feature lead single MP3s (free and legal to download) from an exciting and diverse range of artists and bands who dropped new albums this week.

Just as we did for Part One of this week’s Best New Releases, we’ve listened to the mix below (Part Two) between three and four times all the way through. Naturally, we placed some of our favorites at the top of the mix, but really, we think all of the tracks below are worthy of inclusion, especially considering that, just like many of you, we’ve never even heard of most of these artists until this week.

Although we don’t have the time or resources right now (there’s just so much material coming from so many talented bands) to research, review and write up about all the promising bands and artists in this mix, we will definitely take note of the artists and songs that get played and downloaded (as well as hearted in Hypem) the most.

Along with Part One, it is likely that some of the songs from this mix will end up on the Top 10 Songs page, and some of the top bands – according to your ‘votes’ – will be featured in subsequent posts, and perhaps even end up on a Bands to Watch feature.

After listing to this mix a number of times in the cafe before deciding on which songs would make the final cut for Part Two (and combined with part one), we can say definitively that this is one of the best weeks of 2011 for terrific new singes from mostly new-to-us artists and bands, including Butcher The Bar (recommended for fans of Sufjan Stevens), Centro-matic,  and Bobby.

“Bobby”Butcher The Bar from For Each A Future Tethered

“Only in My Double Mind”Centro-matic (courtesy of Aquarium Drunkard) from Candidate Waltz

“Sore Spores”Bobby from Bobby

Indie newbies Wonderful deliver bliss pop unabashedly; the White Hills rock out; the Grown-Ups go to “Business School;” Rubblebucket demonstrate great potential their terrific new album. Plus, Cassettes Won’t Listen (who were featured in Part One) got us to listen, by sending another track to share from their album Evinspacey. The album was originally titled Kevinspacey, but the actor sued the band to stop them from using his name. That’s a little bit of interesting music trivia for 2011.

“Rainbow Colors” –  Wonderful from Wake Up To Dreamland

“The Condition of Nothing”White Hills from H-p1

“Business School”Grown-Ups from Stopped Caring

“Worker” Rubblebucket from Omega La La

“The Night Shines”Cassettes Won’t Listen from Evinspacey (Stream)


Plus, we are also enjoying note-worthy songs from  Diva, Priory, Barn Owl, Chelan, Grieves, Helms Alee, The Mast,  Motorboater, Superhumanoids, Through The Sparks and Barbie Hatch. We are so interested in which songs and bands you guys and gals like the most, so please leave Comments. Your feedback is much appreciated and available to be viewed by 30,000 people a day, not to mention it helps us in deciding what to cover in the future.

“Glow Worm”Diva from The Glitter End

“Shadowland” Barn Owl from Shadowland

“Towers”Chelan from Towers


“Lady of Late”Priory from Priory

Bonus: “Kings of Troy”Priory from Priory

“Bloody Poetry”Grieves from Together/Apart

“Elbow Grease”Helms Alee from Weatherhead

“Wild Poppies”The Mast from Wild Poppies

“Chisel and Pick”Through the Sparks from Almanac (MMX) Year of Beasts

“Lessons” – Motorboater from Sport

“Mikelah”Superhumanoids from Mikelah single

“Stars”Barbie Hatch from Hypertrophic Heart


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  1. Not sure if you mentioned it anywhere but if one likes the afropopish sound check out The Givers out of Louisiana

  2. love this post but how do i get the free mp3s? i dont know where to go to download.. help please 🙂

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