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The Top 10 Indie Rock Songs playlists are back! IRC listeners determine the Top Ten Songs for our indie rock chart playlists based on which songs are streamed and downloaded the most from hot new bands, best album releases, under-the-radar artists, and exclusive DIY and small label tracks found only on Indie Rock Cafe. View and listen to the Top 10 Songs indie rock playlists – featuring thousands of songs (and live MP3 links) – for the following years (and see how IRC influenced the popularity of many bands):

Top 10 Indie Rock Songs – 2015
Top 10 Indie Rock Songs – 2014
Top 10 Indie Rock Songs – 2013

Top 10 Indie Rock Songs – 2012
Top 10 Indie Rock Songs – 2011
Top 10 Indie Rock Songs – 2010

Top 10 Indie Rock Songs – February 2017

The month of February’s Top 10 includes top singles from well-known, signed artists and bands’ new releases, as well as a few from DIY artists featured in posts like Fresh Tracks on IRC during February.

The xx‘s new single, “Say Something Loving,” from the stellar album I See You, that resoundingly outpaced the No. 2 track, “In A Body Like A Grave,” from JapandroidsNear To The Wild Heart Of Life, for the Number One spot for February 2017. Indie/alt. rock trailblazers Half Japanese‘s latest track, “It’s Our Time,” logged in at No. 3.

Gaining enough plays and downloads to position at No. 4, was San Diego DIY band ROLLERS, beating out The Flaming Lips’ “There Should Be Unicorns” at No. 5, and Cloud Nothings‘ “Sight Unseen” (No. 6) from Life Without Sound.

Registering in at the 7th most popular song of the month, according to IRC listeners, was DIY duo Candace Leca & Michael Paglia‘s single, “Morning Never Comes”, followed by “Ten Thousand” at No. 8 from indie band The Molochs.

Finally, the No. 9 song on the chart for February was “Just Wanted You” by DIY artist Miles Recommends, followed at No. 10 by Foxygen‘s “America” from the album Hang to round out the Top 10. Use the built in Flash player to stream all of the songs on this page uninterrupted.

“Say Something Loving“The xx from I See You

“In A Body Like A Grave“Japandroids from Near to the Wild Heart of Life

“Its Our Time“Half Japanese from Hear The Lions Roar

“Nobody Else“ROLLERS from Somewhere Along The Way

“There Should Be Unicorns“The Flaming Lips from Oczy Mlody

“Sight Unseen“Cloud Nothings from Life Without Sound

“Morning Never Comes”Candace Leca & Michael Paglia from Bridges EP

“Ten Thousand”The Molochs from America’s Velvet Glory

“Just Wanted You”Miles Recommends from Extended Play

“America”Foxygen from Hang

Top 10 Indie Rock Songs – January 2017

IRC’s Top 10 – by popular demand – playlists are back! Here are the Top 10 Songs for January 2017. Based on your streams, downloads and shares, these are the top ten songs for January, including the magnificent No. 1 song from Marvelous Mint, and plenty of other not-to-miss indie tracks from a compelling compendium of DIY artists and bands.

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“Your New Lifestyle“Marvelous Mint from Behind The Times.

“I Won‘t Be Defined“Them Coulee Boys from Dancing In The Dim Light

“Apartime“Small Culture from Small Culture

”Friday”Nervouschain from Weekdays

“Blue Rooms“Honey Locust from The Great Southern Brood

“Bird in the Window”Roadkill Ghost Choir from Quiet Light

”Carousel”Miner from Into The Morning

”Ol’ Pine Bluff”Born Standing Up from Born Standing Up

”Morning Light”Waterwells from Waterwells

2016 Top 10 Songs Playlists

Easily the No. 1 song goes to Miami indie rock band analog, followed at No. 2 by “Gone” from Tulsa band to band The Lukewarm. The No. 3 song for the two-month span was “Walk The Line” by Houston post punk band Silver Blueberry. At No. 4 is The Post Age, followed by Bee Caves to round out the first half of the Top 10 Songs. The second half of the Top 10 features standout tracks from bands like The Revies, Stereo Off, and Danny and Caroline.

“Old Joy“analog from Extended Pleasure

“Gone“The Lukewarm from The Lukewarm EP

“Hey Girl“ – The Revies from Through the Nine

“Fools Gold“The Post Age from Shapeshifter

“Running Home To You“ – Bee Caves from Animals With Religion

“Blue Dreams“The Lukewarm from The Lukewarm EP

“Hey Girl“The Revies from Through the Nine

“Black Mason Hills“ – Bee Caves from Animals With Religion

“Photographs“Stereo Off from Stereo Off EP5

“OMG Youre Killing Me“Danny and Caroline from Beauty and the Beard


September 2015 Top 10 Songs

The No. 1 Song for September, by a wide margin, was Boston band Auva’s amazing single, “Into Place,” with its layers of harmonies and glam pop elements. Auva is a band to watch in 2016, and all of you seem to agree based on making it the top song of the month.

“Into Place“Aüva from Light Years

No. 2: It’s hard not to think of The Strokes with the wonderfully jangling, jamming electric guitars, the radical chord shifts; the coarse, yet melancholic vocals, and driving percussions of the standout single, “Milk and Honey,” from the talented Athens, Georgia folk rock band The Bread Brothers.

“Milk and Honey“The Bread Brothers from The Bread Brothers

No. 3: Heavy bass lines, steady, grooving rhythms and beats, soft vocals and layered choruses, along with dreamy psych synth pop melodies are hallmarks of singles like the swaggering “You Are The Right One” from the Tulsa band Sports.

No. 4: A new synth dance pop trio from Tel-Aviv, called Bill & Murray, make amazing use of grooving synths and dope beats on “Rabbit Hole.”

“Rabbit Hole“ – Bill & Murray from A New Kind of High

No. 5: “Dreamcatcher,” from the Kiev, Ukranian band Skyhound, is an emotionally-charged, subdued song with a big, booming bass drum beat throughout, dark pop synth embellishments and haunting, layered vocals.

“Dreamcatcher“Skyhound from Dreamcatcher 7″

No. 6: In Falun, Sweden, a new DIY band called Third Brother released their debut EP, No Mind Police. The title track from the EP has a bit of a foreboding tinge to it even though it’s an otherwise uplifting track with rich melodies and choruses. The story behind the song seems to be a love song about the emotional struggles love inevitably encounters.

“No Mind Police“Third Brother from No Mind Police

No. 7: The Spokane band Boat Race Weekend’s “Beautiful Days” from their debut DIY album released last May , is characterized by pop punk verses, airy post-rock breakdowns, and heartfelt lyrics.

“Beautiful Days“Boat Race Weekend from The Talisman

No. 8: “My World” is a powerful, heart-wrenching song from the London ‘bro duo’ Colourshop. Vocalist and guitarist Alfredo Salvati sings his heart out, backed up nicely by glimmering keys and backup vocals from his brother Diego Salvati.

“My World“Colourshop from 3PM

No. 9: Based out of Petrozavodsk in the Karelia region of Russia, the garage/punk rock band Break The Bans, formed in 2007, rip out raw, raunchy rock on their debut album, Okay, Okay, featuring the single, “How Can I Love Her?” which was also featured on a commercial for Hudson Jeans.

How Can I Love Her?Break The Bans from Okay! Okay!

No. 10: The eerie title track, “Into The Woods,” from Tel-Aviv band Dismal Beeches’ debut EP, is something you’d expect to hear on the soundtrack of an indie horror track – and that’s not minimizing the song at all. It’s genuinely creepy.

Dig the archives for all listener-voted 2015 Top 10 Songs playlists – all with live MP3 links.

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