Songs for Summer 2011, Vol. I – Blackbird Blackbird, Brian Wilson, AM Syndicate, Apples in Stereo, Kinks, Beach Fossils

Summer hit parts of the country from the west to the east early this year. In fact, we are reminded of how many people have said recently that it seems to get hotter earlier each year. And the scientific facts support these observations. But who really cares any more? When the economy was humming along in the late 1990’s, and the first half of the last decade, Al Gore and his slide shows on global warming were hot items. But nowadays, with a world economy still flirting with disaster and an uncertain future, concern over global warming has cooled down considerably.

That said, if we’re all going to burn up, we might as well do it listening to some hot ( and rarely heard) songs about summer. Over the past few years, we have put together and published dozens of the most accessed and popular summer songs playlist mixes on the web, featuring hundreds of great tracks that you can stream all day long, download and Tweet, Share, Digg, Stumble and blog so that even more people can enjoy these playlists.

Another summer has arrived in a few blinks of an eye, and that means it’s time to post even more mixes of summer-themed, even ‘summer-sounding,’ songs to share with the world. We will reveal later in the week which of the songs in this mix were listened to, and downloaded, the most.

“Sunspray”Blackbird Blackbird from Summer Heart (2010)

“Trampolines”Yourself and The Air from Who’s Who In The Zoo (2011)

“Summer Of Love”The Fresh & Onlys from Play It Strange (2010)

“Clinton Eastwood”Gorillaz

“Summer Girl”White Wires from WWII (2010)

“Celebrate Summer” T. Rex from Greatest Hits (1986)

“Sunshine”Brian Wilson from Imagination (1998)

“The Rainbow”The Apples In Stereo from The Discovery Of A World Inside The Moone (2000)

“All The People Under The Sun”AM Syndicate from Liberation (2007)

“The Other Summer” MiniBoone from MiniBoone (2011)

“Rainbow, Puddle, Children”American Green from Roof To Roof EP (2009)

“Lazy Day”Beach Fossils from Beach Fossils (2010)

“Coppertone”Hellogoodbye from Would It Kill You (2010)

“Golden Girl”Therapies Son from Over The Sea (2011)

“All Summer”Kid Cudi, Best Coast and Rostam Batmanglij of Vampire Weekend (2011)

“Summer Showers”Brown Recluse Evening from Tapestry (2011)

“Sink or Swim” John LaMonica from Lujo 2011 Sampler (2011)

“Rainy Day In June” The Kinks from Face To Face (1966)

“Summer Hits Or J Plus J Don’t Like” Mazes from A Thousand Heys (2011)

“It Always Rains On A Picnic”Modest Mouse from Sad Sappy Sucker (2001)

“Sunshine Baby”Reamonn from Beautiful Sky (2003)

“Vacation Vacation”U.S. Royalty from Mirrors (2011)

“Dream Home”Unouomedude from Marsh (2010)

“Touched By A Cloud”Alberto Arcangeli from Dreamsongs (2009)

“English Summer Rain”Placebo from Once More With Feeling (2004)

“Swimming”The Smiles from Hermosa (2010)

“Sunshine Delay”Barcelona from Simon Basic (1999)

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  1. Hey I have the same one on Farrah, I can’t seem to have the option to save on my computer. What other option can I have on downloading them?:)

    1. Hi Louise: If you right click (both Mac and PC) on the song title, choose “Save As” and then save it to your computer. After that, just import whatever tracks you want to iTunes.

  2. i know i am stupid.. but i can’t seem to figure out how to DL the tracks.. is there a time limit on it?

    thank you veyr much!

    1. Hi Farah – You’re not stupid. Just right click on the song and then click “Save As” to your computer

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