Fresh Tracks from Tangerines, The Bourgeois, Connor Roff, Tom Shaner, My Silent Bravery, Justin Sosa, The Euphony Machine

The latest batch of Fresh Tracks includes the new single from London’s hot new garage rock DIY band, Tangerines, plus recent and new tracks from the following artists and bands selected for this latest installment of Fresh Tracks:

Tangerines – London, England
Connor Roff – Ontario, Canada
The Bourgeois – Tulsa, Oklahoma
Tom Shaner – Brooklyn, New York
Jamie Borrowdale – London, England
My Silent Bravery – Boston, Massachusetts
Justin Sosa – Los Angeles, California
The Euphony Machine – Vineland, New Jersey
Justin DiFebbo – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tangerines – “You Look Like Something I Killed”

London-based Tangerines are an electrifying indie psychobilly quartet with chugging guitars, rolling bass lines and thunderous drumming similar to Black Lips and the late 70’s Talking Heads era – all fronted by the tangible vigor and verve of vocalist Gareth Hoskins’ signature snarl, on the band’s debut single, “You Look Like Something I Killed.”

“The feel of the song is set within those fine lines of despair and self satisfaction, thrusting our evil ways to the very limit and questioning how far can a man really be pushed before he blurts out all of his desires,” Hoskins told NME.

Tangerines sound much like an American garage rockabilly band from 1950s suburbia (where the neighbors are calling parents, rather than cops), but in the modern age. If that makes sense.

And it appears that it is no accident, as DIY pointed out: “[Tangerines] relish in a bonkers, bruising Americana. Where other groups with similar influences might lay back in wooziness and relish in the lazy-day sunshine, though, Tangerines descend into madness…” on “You Look Like Something I Killed” a “sun-stroke addled slice of batshit brilliance.”

All of that is true, and so are various other adjectives for a band that has such a forceful and commanding presence on audio and video, we can certainly understand why their shows are popular. As a matter of fact, the band is selling out shows across London and the surrounding burbs and cities. Hopefully, it’s only a matter of time that they land in NYC and do some touring in the U.S.


Connor Roff – “Turn On The Dark”

British-born, Canadian citizen folk pop artist Connor Roff‘s earthy acoustic tones and well-honed voice come out on his new single, “Turn The Dark On,” the follow up track to his successful release of the title track from Roff’s debut album, Chasing Dreams.

Roff’s well-polished sounds emote deep-seeded feelings and experiences with a voice that demonstrates a wide range, spanning from heartfelt fragility to soaring refrains. He plans to tour the UK this spring. His musical influences includes James Bay and Hozier.

Connor Roff on Facebook


The Bourgeois – “Black Church Or No Church”

Guitarist, singer and songwriter Zach Mobley and drummer Ty Clark grew up in rural Oklahoma where they coped with the oppression of the Bible Belt in different ways. Mobley (guitar/vocals) spent much of his adolescence holed up inside listening to punk rock and plotting his escape, while Clark, who also found solace in music, got caught up in the nation’s growing opiod epidemic.

After a stint in prison, Clark turned his life around, met up with Mobley through an ad, and the two founded their band, The Bourgeois. Recently, bassist Vance Young was added to complete the trio. The guys draw their influences from bands like Nirvana, The Talking Heads, The Smiths and The Violent Femmes.

The video for their first single, “Perverting The American Dream,” was produced by Delo Creative (The Flamling Lips, Broncho) and has racked up more than 200,000 plays. The band is working on their sophomore album expected to drop sometime later this year.

Their new single and video is “Black Church Or No Church” is quite interesting and definitely shows their rock and roll talents and ethos.


Jamie Borrowdale – “I Need Music”

Singer-songwriter Jamie Borrowdale‘s new single, “I Need Music,” opens with a haunting audio scene – howling wind and violins – before the dance beats, funk-inspired rhythms, rock guitars, indie pop elements, scratches and rap sequences jump in and take over for a sonic journey where you might be dancing the whole way. It certainly makes it hard for critics to pigeonhole his genre or target audience.

After gaining recognition from the BBC, Borrowdale has received an enthusiastic reception from fans on his UK tour while making his name increasingly known internationally. He pulls from musical influences that include Led Zeppelin, Plan B and Rudimental.

Jamie Borrowdale on Facebook


Tom Shaner – “Vanessa The Vegan Murderess”

Tom Shaner is a New York musician who just released a new music video for his terrific new single with the awesome title, “Vanessa The Vegan Murderess,” from Shaner’s new release, I Hate To See Your Spirit Fade, produced and mastered by Grammy winner Brian Lucey (The Black Keys, Beck, The Shins, The Arctic Monkeys).

The album was recorded mostly in Williamsburg, with some parts recorded in Ireland and Vermont. His songs range from rockers, ballads, waltzes and cinematic stories. His sound ranges from influences like Leonard Cohen and Radiohead, with deeper music roots in American acoustic and electric blues, Sun Records, the British Invasion, punk, new wave, hip hop, and indie rock.

My Silent Bravery – “Ride With Me” (Nelly)

Boston musician Matthew Wade has been performing as My Silent Bravery for the past 10 years to inspire people with a fun, positive, and uplifting message. Nelly’s “Ride With Me” has always been a fan favorite at MSB live shows so Wade wanted to bring this cover to life and share the good times he has singing this song with all of his fans and anyone else, we assume, that would want to see it.

His new album was produced by Anthony Resta (Collective Soul, Guster, Shawn Mullins) and Warren Huart (Aerosmith, The Fray, Augustana).

My Silent Bravery on Facebook


Justin Sosa – “Again”

Chicago resident Justin Sosa is a young musician who shows some promise. His debut album, Change, features eight tracks in all, including the fantastic, memorable single, “Again.”

MP3: “Again”Justin Sosa from Change

Sosa just announced a new singles series to include “alternate versions of songs, outtakes, collaborations, covers and just about anything fun and different that I’m working on outside of my albums.”

Justin Sosa on Facebook

The Euphony Machine

The Euphony Machine – “Trial & Error Ravenous”

The Euphony Machine is an example of the sounds that can be produced in ‘The Euphony Room,’ a studio run by musician Mike Smith from Vineland, New Jersey. Along with help from close friends, Smith crafts eclectic, passionate music as found on the interesting single, “Trial & Error Ravenous,” featuring Eric Shorter and Marty Maar.

The Euphony Machine on Facebook

Justin DiFebbo-Skin and Bones

Justin DiFebbo – Skin and Bones

Philadelphia musician Justin DiFebbo‘s sophomore release, Skin and Bones, set to drop next month, is more of the seductive, dreamy music found on his acclaimed debut, Turn Out The Light, Turn On The Stereo.

DiFebbo’s style brings to a festive table the songwriting sensibilities of Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys, the vocal vulnerabilities of Neil Young and the simplistic complexity of artists like Simon and Garfunkel. It is a fitting comparison. His new singles, “Blue Melody” and “Adrift” feature “Good Vibrations”-like organ riffs, The Doors’ style electric piano solos on songs like “Riders On The Storm,” as well as tremolo guitars and booming bass. His vocals, such as on “Adrift,” are soft and yet high pitched.

“Adrift”Justin DiFebbo from Skin and Bones

DiFebbo definitely is channeling a bygone era when music was more organic and trail-blazing. He also plays with the band Summer Fiction.

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