Band To Watch – Brazil’s Dream Pop Quintet Peixefante

Peixefante is a remarkable new shoegaze/dream pop band from Goiania, Brazil that captured our ears and hearts with lush dream pop songs like “Por Baixo da Blusa.”

It’s simply gorgeous; feel yourself floating over lush green hillsides and turquoise beaches. The echoey whistling throughout the song is a really special, even magical, touch; there’s almost a tinge of Burt Bacharach (some people might hear it) and Ennio Morricone interlaced within this song.

The second single, “Cruzada Moderna” is more subdued and serious, yet wonderfully composed and performed from the airy guitar playing and rhythms to the wonderful vocals and choruses.

The band’s debut EP, Lorde Pacal (a mythological Mayan prophet), was done totally DIY. No fanfare. No buzz. And yet their music is worth a buzz; they’re just really good musicians. Listen to the EP from start to finish a few times and those of you who are open to cosmopolitan, multi-genre mix of experimental dream pop, psych rock and Bacharach/Morricone, are likely to appreciate Peixefante as much as we do.


The EP tells the epic story of “mankind’s fascination with the universe and our ancient seeking for answers to its great mysteries,” the band’s synth player, Lipito Melo, says.

“The songs are all connected to one another and reveal the tales of a mythical ‘hero,’ from the day he was born – passing through technological discoveries and surviving in the outer space – up until the day he finally returns home.”

Not surprisingly, after submerging into this EP – streaming it now at least four times through – we are routing for the band.

Their name is difficult at best to pronounce, and Portuguese, outside of Brazil, is not as widely spoken in the western hemisphere as Spanish; therefore, it’s difficult even for native Spanish speakers to say the world because Spanish simply doesn’t have any relationship to “peixe”-“fante” – it’s closer to French than Spanish.

The band describes it this way: “The name itself, the Portuguese combination of ‘fish’ and ‘elephant,’ exemplifies the constant mutation in which the band’s music in based upon, from the deep giant synth waves psychedelia to a drunk swampy rock.”

We’re told it’s PAY-HEE-FANT-EE.

MP3: Por Baixo da BlusaPeixefante from Lorde Pacal

MP3: Cruzada ModernaPeixefante from Lorde Pacal

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