Panamanian-American DIY Rapper Nino Augustine Drops Video and Track for “Soul Kitchen”


New York DIY rapper Nino Augustine, a native of Panama, mixes hip-hop, Latin, rock and jazz on his new single, “Soul Kitchen,” produced by Brandon “Biro” Rowan.  The music video features choreography by pro break dancer, Dus 1. The Atlanta based production company A Tall Guy Films directed and produced the video. Augustine constructs songs that draw off of an eclectic knowledge and admiration for various genres and artists. His major musical influences include Bob Marley, Lauren Hill, and Jimi Hendrix.

“Soul Kitchen”Nino Augustine

“I try to do what I call fearless music, which really means creating music without boundaries. I try not to fit my music into any category, because I want to create something different every time I record,” Augustine elaborated when ask about his process of recording. “It’s been a long, constant struggle with music that keeps me in love with it until this day. Some days I wake up in love with music I’ve recorded, and I might go to sleep hating it. I’m very sensitive with my craft because I truly love what I do, and I hope you can feel that when you listen to it.”

Download the track via Augustine’s Soundcloud page.

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