DIY Artist of the Week – Chad Murphy, aka Markakians


Some of the artists that we have been featuring in the Artist of the Week series during the past couple of months have been a big hit with IRC listeners, including indie rocker Thad Kopec (who we’ll have new music from shortly), singer/songwriter Bryce Jardin, or Chicago DIY musician Esta Vivo.

With sad, beautiful vocals similar to Eels and Beck, Pennsylvania musician Chad Murphy, who goes by the alias Markarians, is one we’ve been listening to lately. We think this 32-year-old has something to say worth hearing. After repeatedly spinning the two songs he sent to us, we are fascinated that a musician with no formal training writes and records such wonderfully memorable and heartfelt songs that no one except a few other people have ever heard. While this is nothing entirely knew for the artists and bands we routinely feature on IRC, Murphy stands out as particularly gifted, crafting songs with folk-inspired acoustic guitar playing, and soaring, pop-fused synthesizer riffs.

He listed his major musical influences as Echo & the Bunnymen, Robyn, Sonic Youth, Ivy, Ariel Pink, Arab Strap, Kurt Vile, The Clientele, The Church, among others. He is also formerly a member of the following bands: Remington Standard, Electoral College, and Tolchock Trio.

“Alligators”Markarians from Move, Lord – Sept. 7th

“Domino”Markarians from Move, Lord – Sept. 7th

In describing his interest in writing, playing and recording music, Murphy told IRC that he aims “to construct songs that reflect both the joy and the absurdity of life (sounds a bit pretentious to write that out, but…there it is).” Murphy also self-released an album in July of 2011 from which we have two singles, “Strangers II” and “Rip Through Sunsets.” We’d love to hear what you think via the Comments box below, Facebook or Twitter.

“Strangers II” Markarians from Ten Means Heaven

“Rip Through Sunsets” Markarians from Ten Means Heaven

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  1. Nice feature on one of my favorite dudes in the universe! Semi-shameless plug but for more Chad Murphy loveliness, check out his former band THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE and the song “GOLDBUGS” and “DIVORCE PAPERS” by Tolchock Trio (Chad sings on both those)

  2. I really enjoyed these two tracks. Please follow up on anything else this band does because I would love to hear it. Keep up the good work guys and thanks for bringing this to me.

    1. Hey Raul – Good to hear you enjoyed it and thanks for your compliment. We’ll definitely post anything new as soon as we get it from Markakians

  3. Great pick! Chad is one of my favorite musicians! I’ve always wanted to cover some of his stuff in Electoral College.

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