In Dee Mail, Vol. XII – Pekoe Cat, Max and the Moon, Kittentank, Wait What?, Dinosaur On Mars, No TV Tonight, Love Crystals

From the Great Lakes city of Toronto, Ontario, Kyle Woolven , a DIY electro-pop multi-instrumentalist and college student, self-released his first recording as Pekoe Cat on August 23rd, and sent us in a couple of his tracks. While this entry, from what we were able to find out, is the first time his music has been featured on a music blog, and his debut as a recording artist, we don’t really know very much about him because he didn’t provide very much information about himself.

However, if enough people stream, download, comment, Like and Retweet this post, referencing Pekoe Cat, we will run another post as a follow-up to in an attempt to obtain more information about him, and more songs as well.

As of the time this post was published, Pekoe Cat doesn’t even have any type of website – a blog, Facebook page, Tumblr or Bandcamp. We have a feeling as his songs are spread around more that that’ll change pretty fast.

Artists Previously Opened For: None
Major Musical Influences: The Beatles, Radiohead, The Mars Volta, Michael Jackson, Kanye West, Toro Y Moi, Tame Impala, The Most Serene Republic
Year Formed: 2012


Max and the Moon – Chino Hills, California

In Chino Hills, California, an affluent suburb of Los Angeles, the band Max and the Moon have received some fairly good coverage in the past month for their video “Out of My Head,” the first single from the band’s newly released EP, The Way I See.

When we first heard “Out of My Head,” it struck us as not indie, but much more of a mainstream radio rock sound. Still, the band is DIY and pure orchestra indie pop sound coupled with driving beats and excited choruses got our attention right away. The more we listened to it, and the other single the band sent in, “Lighthouse,” the more sense it made that Max and the Moon belonged in our list of  DIY Breakout Bands of 2012.

“Out of My Head”Max and the Moon from The Way I See

Official Band Website: Max and the Moon
Artists Previously Opened For: So Many Wizards, Kiev, The Gospels, Old Canes
Major Musical Influences: Ella Fitzgerald, Otis Redding, Coldplay, Local Natives, Radiohead, Phoenix, Fleet Foxes
Year Formed: 2009


Kittentank – Wellington, New Zealand

Kittentank is DIY post pop band from New Zealand that formed in 2006. In June, the band released a new single “Take You There” from the album, Troubles on the Table Again. Kittentank have previously opened for artists like Wow, Bonaparte, Street Chant, Naked and the Famous.

“Take You There”Kittentank from Troubles on the Table Again – June 6th

Official Band Website: Kittentank on Facebook
Previously Opened For: Wow, Bonaparte, Street Chant, Naked and the Famous
Major Musical Influences: PJ Harvey, the Oh Sees, Ween, New Order, Pulp, Elastica, the Chills and the Clean.
Year Formed: 2006

Wait, What? – Chicago, Illinois

Wait, What is an indie pop band of Chicago music students from DePaul University who began collaborating while in school during the 2010-2011 school year. They released their debut EP, No Yeah, in July 2012. The EP features combining songwriting elements of Max Evrard and Matt Script showcasing the band’s indie pop sound.

Official Band Website:: Wait, What? on Bandcamp
Artists Previously Opened For: Anti-Crew, The Sometimes Family, Kitty Devine, Spencer McGillicutty
Major Musical Influences: Radiohead, The Beatles, The White Stripes, Fleet Foxes,
Year Formed: 2010


Dinosaurs on Mars! – Upland, California

The two founding members of Dinosaurs on Mars! (Steven Mucci and Nathan Casas) met in high school in Upland, California, and have been experimenting with writing and recording indie electro pop music ever since. Now, they are both high school math teachers. When DOM was formed in 2010, the two decided they needed a second guitarist (Tom Morris) for recording and performing needs.

Official Band Website: Dinosaurs on Mars
Artists Previously Opened For: None
Major Musical Influences: Cut Copy, The Killers, M83, Hercules and Love Affair
Year Formed: 2010

No TV Tonight – New York

No TV Tonight is a new DIY punk rock band from New York City formed by singer/guitarist Jaime Marcelo and drummer Matt Storm. The band knocks out raw, energetic punk rock in the style of 1990’s punk bands. No TV Tonight’s first release, the EP, American Excess, was released on July 4th. One small tip for other bands: don’t release your debut, or any album, on a holiday. Why? Because people are so busy with the holiday, they are not thinking of new music releases.

In fact, that’s why labels don’t release very many albums the week of the Fourth of July, as well as other holidays. This is evidenced by the thin number of releases for the Best New Music Releases for the week of July 4th.

Official Artist Website: No TV Tonight on Bandcamp
Artists Previously Opened For: None
Major Musical Influences: Green Day, Propagandhi, Against Me!, Lagwagon, Bad Religion
Year Formed: 2012

Introducing Denmark’s Alternative Rock Band Love Crystals

Love Crystals is an alternative rock band from Denmark, in a town called Elsinore. They formed in 2007 and are signed with the SKB Records label. In May, they released their self-titled, debut album featuring the lead single, “Gallows Of The Wine” comes from.

“Gallows Of The Wine”Love Crystals from Love Crystals – May 7th

Official Band Website: Love Crystals
Artists Previously Opened For: The Storm, Rock Hard Power Spray, Vomit Supreme
Major Musical Influences: Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Queens Of The Stone Age, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr.
Year Formed: 2007

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