Best Indie Rock Songs 2010, Vol. II: Foals, Deerhunter, Wolf Parade, Titus Andronicus, Andrew Bird, No Age, Warpaint, LCD Soundsystem


A few days ago, we popped out the first volume in this series of the Best Indie Rock Songs of 2010, which we expect to have at least another few volumes. So, you’ll have plenty of songs from 2010 to stream and add to your own MP3 player playlists.

In the interest of time (since there’s so much 2011 music already out and in the pipeline to keep us busy bunny rabbits), we’re not writing out any reviews. The music speaks for itself. In some cases, you can click on the artist or band name to see the original article they appeared in 2010 (which often have even more songs), and in other cases, you can click the album title if you’re interested in making a quick and easy purchase of the album for which the song appears.

In fact, many of the albums presented in this series constitute Best Albums of 2010. And in case you want to get any of them at 320kbs MP3 no lock quality, the album titles are linked directly to purchase via Amazon.  In fact, many of the best albums of 2010 are on sale for only $5.00!  You can get four albums from Amazon at $5.00 for the same price of one new CD release. Five dollars for a great album is less than some fancy coffee drinks go for at Starbucks. But, the music you will have forever, and do whatever you want with it, copy it to all your MP3 devices – iPod, iPhone, Mac or PC, iHome, car stereo. Plus, if you ever lose your MP3s, you can re-download the originals. We receive a tiny commission for every album you purchase with the album links below. Enjoy.

“Black Gold” Foals from Total Life Forever

“Glitter” No Age from Everything in Between

“All Delighted People”Sufjan Stevens from All Delighted People EP

“Knockout” Air Waves from Dungeon Dots

“Revival” Deerhunter from Halcyon Days

“Black Eyes”Shearwater from The Golden Archipelago

“Ghost of Syllables”Admiral Radley from I Heart California

“Out of Tune” Real Estate from Out of Tune/Reservoir 7″

“Home” LCD Soundsystem from This Is Happening

“Dirty Thing” Telekinesis from Parallel Seismic Conspiracies EP

“Cruth & Cane”Peter Crier Wolf from Inter-Be [+Digital Booklet]

“You & Me” Elizabeth & The Catapult from The Other Side of Zero

“Undertow” Warpaint from The Fool

“Glitter” No Age from Everything in Between

“Something Else” Diamond Rings from Special Affectations

“Bermuda” Kisses from The Heart of the Nightlife

“What Did My Lover Say? (It Always Had To Go This Way)” – Wolf Parade from Expo 86

Note: Many of these awesome releases are on sale via Amazon for great prices, including many for just $5; that’s better than iTunes. Just click on the album title to go right to that page in Amazon.

“Shake the Shackles” Crystal Stilts from Shake The Shackles 7′

“The History of Plastic” The War on Drugs from Future Weather EP

“Vendela Vida” Dinosaur Feathers from Fantasy Memorial

“Fresh Hex (featuring Beck)” Tobacco from Maniac Meat

“Sunglasses” Whiplash from The Sunglasses

“ooOoooOoo”Oberhofer from o0O0o0O0o

“Cloudy Shoes” Damien Jurado from Saint Bartlett [+Digital Booklet]

“The Gaudy Side of Town” GAYNS from Relayted [+Digital Booklet]

“Don’t Touch My Hat” The Queers from Back To The Basement

“Sex With An X” The Vaselines from Sex With An X

“The Smoke” Home Video from The Automatic Process

“Big Escape” Pearly Gate Music from Big Escape 7′

“Hot Math” Andrew Bird from Useless Creatures

“Doesn’t Shake Me” The Goodnight Loving from Goodnight Loving Supper Club

“Bright Lit Blue Skies”Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti from Before Today

“Tiny Circle” Wolf People from Steeple

“I Will Live on Islands” Josh Rouse from El Turista (Bonus Version)

“Four Score and Seven (Part One)” Titus Andronicus from The Monitor

Don’t miss Vol One of the Best Indie Rock Songs of 2010

Brooklyn based resident CMJ producer Sane Smith drops new album entitled
“Robots Will Kill”, featuring funky electronic dance groove samples and old
school raps interlaced with ambient synths and driving beats, then further
spliced and glitched with the help of a monome and recorded live (riyl:
RJD2, DJ Shadow, Pretty Lights).
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