Best New Indie Rock 2011 – The Radio Dept, Woodsman, Cloud Nothings, Iron & Wine, Gang of Four, Deerhoof, Destroyer, Veils, Grouplove

This week’s Best New Releases includes new singles from new LPs and EPs from bands all across the indie spectrum. We’ve been loving The Radio Dept.’s work for about three or four years, so it’s just fitting to include a great track from their new singles collection, available now.  Following TRD is a terrific, minimalistic, psychedelic track from the new Woodsman LP; a riveting, epic track from Cloud Nothings’ debut LP. Ironically, there are two tracks titled “Bloom” in this playlist, each from a different artist. Also loving the John Vanderslice song, and can’t help but to think how much it sounds like a Sufjan Stevens song.

“The One” The Radio Dept. from Passive Aggressive: The Singles 2002-2010

Also, check out new singles from releases by Com Truise, Iron and Wine, Gang of Four, Cold War Kids, Deerhoof, Wanda Jackson with Jack White, Destroyer, The Veils, and many others. The self-titled debut EP by the band Grouplove has renewed them as a band to watch in 2011, as they were in 2010 (listen to tracks below). One of the reasons we renewed Grouplove is because they are so incredibly talented, and have still not received the recognition we think the band deserves.

The Papercranes deliver a dreamy, even melancholy, sound on the fantastic new single from their latest release, and Paper Diamond throws it down with impressive electronica work on the track “From Now Till…”.

“Synapses”Papercranes from Let’s Make Babies in the Woods

We could go on and on about all of the new releases this week, but, once you listen to this mix, you’ll see that the music speaks for itself. Played in one continuous stream, you’ll notice at some point or another that this playlist is just packed with awesome songs, including other artists like Say Hi, Monotonix, The Ex, Delicate Steve, Exray’s, I Was King, Lia Ices, Fujiya & Miyagi, Duke Garwood, Greater Pacific, The Chicharrons, Metal Mountains and more.

“Insects”Woodsman from Rare Forms

When you want all the best new songs from new releases, come to IRC regularly, since we post about four features and playlists each week stuffed with music from some of the most popular ‘indie’ artists to lesser-known, but talented bands. But even if you miss a post that is a few days, weeks or months old, most of the MP3s do not expire like they do on most other sites. Use the Comments to tell us what you think about these songs or the artists that make them. Click on album titles to make a purchase from Amazon – which has more MP3s at lower prices than iTunes.

“Understand At All” Cloud Nothings from Cloud Nothings

“Under The Gun”Apex Manor from The Year of Miracle Drinking

“Give Me More”Monotonix from Not Yet

“Slow Peels”Com Truise from Cyanide Sisters EP

“Tree By The River”Iron & Wine from Kiss Each Other Clean

“Louder Than Ever”Cold War Kids from Mine Is Yours

“The Merry Barracks”Deerhoof from Deerhoof vs. Evil

“Colours”Grouplove from Grouplove EP

Bonus Track: “Naked Kids” Grouplove from Grouplove EP

“The Distance”Greater Pacific from Rainfall EP

“My Father’s Eyes”Ben + Vesper from Honors
Bonus Track: “Knee-Hi Wall”Ben + Vesper from Honors


“Chinatown”Destroyer from Kaputt

“You’ll Never Pay For The Farm”Gang Of Four from Content (MP3 Exclusive)

“Thunder On The Mountain”Wanda Jackson (feat. Jack White) from The Party Ain’t Over

“The Piano Lesson”John Vanderslice from White Wilderness (MP3 Exclusive)

“Bloom”The Veils from Troubles Of The Brain EP

“Bloom” – Duchess Leo from Golden Gray

“From Now Till…”Paper Diamond from The Levitate EP

“Devils”Say Hi from Um, Uh Oh

“Sixteen Shades Of Black & Blue”Fujiya & Miyagi from Ventriloquizzing

“Lemoncholic”Stripmall Architecture from Albino Peacock EP (self-released)

“Ma Do Nar”Los Chicharrons from Roots of Life

“Life Coach”Phil Manley from Life Coach

“If I Had a Boat”James Vincent McMorrow from Early In The Morning

“Structures in the Sun”Metal Mountains from Golden Trees

“Equestrian”U.S. Royalty from Mirrors (self-released)

“Bon Kum”Sidi Touré from Sahei Folk

“1-2-3 Bad”Thank You from Golden Worry

“Equestrian” – Anyone know who this is?

Other Releases This Week

“Cold Weather Is Back”The Ex from Catch My Shoe

“You Forgot”Exray’s from Exray’s

“Butterfly”Delicate Steve from Wondervisions

“Nightwalking”I Was a King ‒ from Old Friends

“Grown Unknown”Lia Ices from Grown Unknown

“Jesus Got a Gun”Duke Garwood from dreamboatsafari

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  1. Would like to purchase these tunes from Canada, can’t do it from Amazon. Can you provide a link for folks outside the US to download the Indie tunes? Thanks for giving us a sample of the new indie stuff coming out. Love it!


    1. Hello Sean: Thanks for your kind words. We don’t have the ability to make them available for Canada since we are U.S.-based. I think this might be more of an issue to talk to Amazon about. You may also try to go ahead and click on the link and then just edit the URL in your browser address bar and replace .com with .ca

      Hope that works

      Phil @IRC

  2. Thanks for pointing out the John Vanderslice tune. It surely is a strange orchestration, but quiet enjoyable… i think.

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