Best Indie Rock Christmas Songs, Mix XII: Pearl Jam, Half-Handed Cloud, CYHSY, Galaxie 500 and Saosin

The Best Indie Rock Christmas Songs playlist mix series was originally compiled back in 2007 to provide music lovers with a diverse collection of more than 200 indie and alternative Christmas songs that also include many cover versions of traditional Christmas and holiday songs by some of the best musicians and bands ever.  Recently we checked to make sure all of the MP3 links in the dozen mixes are working.  

There is now one page for all of the Christmas and holiday music mixes to make it easier to listen and download tracks to make your own playlist mixes. Enjoy.

“Sleigh Ride“The Late Greats

“In This Home on Ice“Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

“Let Me Sleep (Christmas Time)“ Pearl Jam

“The Friendly Beasts“Sufjan Stevens

“Listen the Snow is Falling“Galaxie 500

“Anorak Christmas“ (Club Mix) – Sally Shapiro

“A Marshmallow World“Los Straightjackets

“Christmas on the Beach“Irene

“Goodbye Charles““Over The Rhine”

“Holiday“The Hopefuls

“Santa Stole My Baby“Mistreaters

“Christmas With Derek“Mertle

Stream all of the Christmas playlist mixes. You can also bookmark and share this page which will not expire or become a broken link.

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  1. is there a download option for any of these mixes? seems so, from above where it says “listen to and download…” but no download option that I can see… Am I missing something?

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