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IRC connects talented artists with music lovers around the world by writing profiles, reviews and publishing great new songs in regular playlists and mixes, giving thousands of people per day one-click access to the best in new, and rarely heard, music. We are honored to be one of the most popular indie blogs that feature both well-known and rarely heard indie and alternative music. IRC is visited by over 150K people, and more than a quarter of a million page views, a month from all over the world.

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New Submission Guidelines Please read carefully

Update (Jan. 10, 2017):

Important: All submissions must be MP3 links that end with .mp3 or include attached MP3s, and follow the guidelines below completely – no exceptions. We simply have to streamline this process to keep it manageable.

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Band Promotion & Marketing

If you or your band are interested in personalized band promotion and publicity with industry experienced professionals to get word about your music to more people and increase your visibility, fan base, sales and numbers at your gigs from passionate indie music lovers who will fight for you, send an email to kate (at) indierockcafe (dotcom)  with the email subject line “Artist & Band Promotion”.

Writers, Photographers and Illustrators

If you are a writer and would like to contribute album reviews, write up features about bands and artists or contribute your own concert and other photos, we’d love to hear from you. Please send an email to kate (at) indierockcafe (dotcom) with the Subject as RE: Contributing to IRC. This is a perfect way for your work to get exposure to tens of thousands of loyal readers and listeners.

Thanks to Everyone

We just want to say to thank you to so many of you for sending your music, regularly visiting the blog and in general making it possible to do what we do; maybe someday soon, this can become a real job rather than a hobby (this is a very ‘indie’ operation).

If that happens, the amount of coverage and cool indie things we can do will increase significantly. There’s still a lot of great music we have all never heard, or have yet to hear, and it’s our mission to bring as much of it to you as possible in an easy and concise way.

Help Spread the Word!

We appreciate your help in promoting the site on the web, sharing it with friends and whatever else you can think of. We don’t make any money doing this, so your volunteerism, if you will – like adding any post from IRC to Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Stumbleupon, MySpace and linking to IRC from your own site, etc, is appreciated greatly. You’re participation helps give us the juice needed to keep up our faith that this is all worthwhile.

You can also help by adding links from IRC to your favorite social networking sites (like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, etc.) and signing up for the “Feed Me Indie” RSS feed and sharing the site with friends.

Starting as a hobby in 2007 to share music with friends, IRC has grown to a worldwide audience of thousands of people every day. In fact, daily traffic to this site has tripled from the winter of 2008/9 to the summer/fall of 2009, with over 150,000 unique visitors a month. Thanks especially to the thousands of regular, loyal readers who appreciate our goal to spotlight new, exciting, interesting, talented and promising DIY artists and bands.

Thanks for your support!

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