5 Bands That Rock, Vol. X – Welshly Arms, The Scarlet Son, YourEnvy, Sunblaze Lane, Glorious Moonrockets

The first edition of 5 Bands That Rock for 2016 features a killer collection of rock music from artists and bands from our archives that most of you have probably never heard of until today. And if you have – damn, you’re up on your DIY bands that rock!

In this 10th installment of 5 Bands That Rock:

Welshly Arms – Cleveland, Ohio
The Scarlet Son – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
YourEnvy – Dryden, Ontario
Sunblaze Lane – Westchester, Pennsylvania
Glorious Moonrockets – Ottawa, Ontario


Welshly Arms – Cleveland, Ohio

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, blues garage rock band Welshly Arms knows how to rock. Formed in 2012, the band has released a couple of EP that have garnered them attention in their hometown, which appropriately is the location of the world famous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Their amazing track, “The Touch,” with it’s gritty, attitude-oozing, even somewhat spooky thrust, is irresistible for anyone that loves stomping, kick-ass rock. The song would be perfect on the soundtrack of HBO’s series Vinyl. Come on, Mick and Martin – listen to this track. We’d even be so bold as to say that these guys are a yet-to-be-discovered Black Keys (except with more people).

MP3: “The Touch”Welshly Arms from Welcome

Band members Sam Getz on guitar and vocals; Jimmy Weaver on bass; Mikey Gould on drums and Brett Lindemann on keys are all competent and accomplished musicians in their own right, which is part of their appeal.

The band members are heavily influenced by artists like The Black Keys, The James Gang, The Ojays, Jimi Hendrix, Alabama Shakes and Howlin’ Wolf.

Combining rhythm and soul, rock and jazz, with lots of blues, the band has knocked out a string of riveting, creative and exciting home brewed guitar rockers over the past few years.

In the summer of 2014, the band’s ripping riffer, “Dirty Work,” was released and used in a promotional video for the band’s hometown baseball team’s (Cleveland Indians) new season. That’s a pretty big deal for a home town band in the city known worldwide for rock and roll.

MP3: “Two Seconds Too Late“Welshly Arms from Welcome

Bonus MP3: “Run Right Out Of Here“Welshly Arms from Welcome

Welshly Arms on Facebook


The Scarlet Son – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Scarlet Son band from Pittsburgh is a heavy alt. rock band that began as a solo project for vocalist and guitarist Kris Litman before his friend and bass player Sterling Taylor joined followed by drummer Colin Mcbride and guitarist Dan Winschel.

The first single, “Silence,” is cloaked by a dark and heavy shadow, full of hard driving beats, blazing, buzzsaw guitars, and at times, even slight pop rock elements. There’s no question their sound is partly influenced by the 80’s metal and hard rock bands – just without the teased hair, make-up and tights (and that’s definitely a good). The second track, “Consumed,” is another solid rocker from the band’s self-titled debut.

MP3: “Silence“The Scarlet Son from The Scarlet Sun

Bonus MP3: “Consumed“The Scarlet Son from The Scarlet Sun
The Scarlet Son on Facebook


YourEnvy – Dryden, Ontario

Well-honed, good ole fashioned rock and roll blues is the signature sound of Dryden, Ontario duo YourEnvy‘s album, Darkside, featuring standout rockers like “Blue Ale,” that harken back to a bygone era when rock ruled the world.

If you know anything about Detroit rock from the 70s and early 80s (Iggy and The Stooges; MC5; Ted Nugent; Alice Cooper, etc.), that’s where YourEnvy has its roots. The track “Dirt Hill Woman II” is a rock radio blast from the past, reminiscent of classic rock bands like KISS, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple with a flare of T. Rex. These guys are tight!

MP3: “Blue Ale“YourEnvy from Darkside

Inspired by both American blues and British hard rock, YourEnvy have emerged from deep within the forests of northern Ontario with a twisted saga of battle, romance, and nature. All the instruments are performed by Shawn Sherwood, with vocals from Clint Gottinger. The duo has opened for bands like Black Jack, Dayblind, and Stratovarius, and list their top musical influences, a bit surprisingly (but not really), as Helloween, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Guns N Roses.

Bonus MP3: “Dirt Hill Woman II“YourEnvy from Darkside

YourEnvy on Facebook


Sunblaze Lane – Westchester, Pennsylvania

Since 2014, the Westchester, Pennsylvania DIY rock band Sunblaze Lane has released one single at a time, bucking the tradition of a new band dropping either a debut EP or LP. But it doesn’t really matter because smoking songs like “I’m Coming Home” and “All I ever Wanted,” show how talented the band is; great band name by the way.

“It’s easy to avoid sounding like one type of music because our influences are all very different,” says lead guitarist Justin Smith. “Without getting into too much detail, our biggest challenges have to do with alcohol, women, money, and the law. All of us have similar interests, but common problems.”

The other band members, all in their mid-20s, include frontman and guitarist Nick Hopton, drummer John Lamplugh and bassist Addison Scott.

Sunblaze Lane has opened for bands like The Moxy, The Quireboys, Goodman Fiske, Hello Cleveland, and are mainly influenced by Foo Fighters, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, and Arctic Monkeys.

MP3: “I’m Coming Home“Sunblaze Lane from The Way She Goes

Bonus MP3: “All I Ever Wanted“Sunblaze Lane from The Way She Goes

Sunblaze Lane on Facebook


The Glorious Moonrockets – Ottawa, Ontario

From their home base in the Ontario capital of Ottawa, indie rock band The Glorious MoonRockets belt out a gripping trashy, gritty punk rock sound that has rightfully earned them a spot in the Bands That Rock series. Formed in 2011, the band has kept busy with recording and releasing new material as well as touring throughout eastern Canada.

With their garage and psych rock influences, notable 90’s grunge tinges and raw, driving lo-fi power chords notable on the band’s menacing, edgy track, “Down On Their Luck” – a gritty chugging track that is ripe for the soundtrack of a series like Vinyl – and “3 Dollar Dinner,” a blazing rocker. The band members are fans of Motorhead, AC/DC, MC5, and Dictators.

MP3: “Down On Their Luck“Glorious MoonRockets from More Other Stuff

Bonus MP3: “3 Dollar Dinner“Glorious MoonRockets from More Other Stuff

Glorious MoonRockets on Facebook

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