Indie Rock Cover Songs, Vol. VIII: The Kills, The Harvey Girls, Telekinesis, Little Girls, The Morning Benders, Nada Surf

Cover songs are only worthwhile when they put a different spin on a great original song, and do so with respect and admiration for the original song. Cover songs are not easy to do, and there are more bad to downright hideous covers in the world of music than there are good to magnificent cover songs.

Hopefully you’ll find this mixtape of indie cover songs falls into the good to magnificent covers.  It’s been a while since we’ve put together a covers mixtape (the last was the first Covers Uncovered 2010 back in June). Over time, more and more awesome covers have surfaced that we want to share with you.

Recently, Alison Mosshart took a break from The Dead Weather and joined up Jamie Hince, the other half of the awesome UK rock duo, The Kills, to do a cover of Velvet Underground‘s “Pale Blue Eyes” for Levi Sessions. Other great covers include The Harvey Girls (covering The Flaming Lips), Little Girls (Beach House), Telekenesis (ELO), Nada Surf (Bill Fox), The Morning Benders (The Smiths), Amazing Baby (The Raveonettes), The Laureates (The Breeders) and The Mae Shi (Mates of State).

“Pale Blue Eyes” (Velvet Underground) – The Kills

“Take Meta Mars” (The Flaming Lips) – The Harvey Girls

“Can’t Get It Outta My Head” (ELO) – Telekinesis

“10 Mile Stereo” (Beach House) – Little Girls

“I Won’t Share You” (The Smiths) – The Morning Benders

“Electrocution” – (Bill Fox) – Nada Surf

“Heart of Stone” (The Raveonettes) – Amazing Baby

“Do You Love Me Now” (The Breeders) – The Laureates

“You Are Free” (Mates of State) – The Mae Shi

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Stay tuned for Covers III with covers of Phil Collins, The Decemberists, Brian Eno, Tom Petty and others.

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