Brooklyn One-Man Band Dangerous Cans

dangerous cans Dangerous Cans is the DIY musical project of Michigan native, Brooklyn transplant, Brian Time. He crafts electro-pop tracks featuring various layers of synth riffs, hypnotic sounds and programmed drum beats as the backdrop for his soft vocal delivery, even though he likes to refer to his music as “gristle and sizzle.”

Since the release of the electro psych pop singles “Feel Something” and “Pretty Trash,” which we think more people should hear, Dangerous Cans has released two other excellent singles that you can listen to on Bandcamp. We’re hoping for a proper Dangerous Cans’ EP or LP sometime in the near future. Time’s musical influences include Tears For Fears, Com Truise, Roxy Music, Keith Jarrett, Bobby McFerrin, and Boy Meets Girl. In the blogs that have previously written about Dangerous Cans, Time’s music has often been compared to Washed Out.

As with all one man bands, especially being so new, there is a bit of leeway given when you consider that the artist wrote all of the music, recorded all of the instruments, tracked in the vocals, mixed everything together, mastered it and then released it DIY style. That in itself is impressive. Sometimes the results are horrific and not worthy of consideration, while other times the results are fair, and from time- to-time, the end product is good enough that we feel more indie music fans, especially those who appreciate one-man bands, should hear it and make up their own mind.

If you’re interested in hearing more, check out the One-Man Bands archives and the Artist of the Week category – you’re bound to find some terrific music that you may not have heard when first published. Most of the past installments’ MP3 song links still work so that you can stream and download them as you can do with all posts on IRC.

“Feel Something”Dangerous Cans from Singles

“Pretty Trash”Dangerous Cans from Singles


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