Best Singles & Albums of September 2013, Vol. I – Glasvegas, Neko Case, Okkervil River, NIN, Man Man, Royal Canoe, Forest Fire

Featured Artist: The amazing collage art of Derek Gores; see more at
Because the two-part Best Singles & Albums of August (volumes One and Two) were so crazy popular with listeners, we’re doing the same for September; this post and playlist is a collection of the best singles from albums released during the first two weeks of September from well-known and signed bands as well as DIY and under-the-radar indie artists. The first official week of releases for September runs from Sept. 3rd to Sept. 9th, and featured a bunch of excellent anticipated and surprise album releases – showcased by lead singles and music videos from bands like Glasvegas, Neko Case, Nine Inch Nails, Califone, Okkervil River, King Khan and the Shrines, among others. This extensive post and playlist also features DIY and under-the-radar releases from various band submissions by Osk, Soy La Vid, Burning Condors, Rossonian, and more.

The second week of top September releases, spanning Sept. 10th to Sept. 16th, highlights lead singles and music videos from new LPs and EPs from artists such as Holy Ghost, Man Man, Forest Fire, Obits, Goldfrapp, and the Arctic Monkeys, plus exclusive IRC entries from DIY and small label bands like Bucharest, The Visibles, The Big, Fin Folsom, Sterling Fox and Wonderflu, among others. The first two days of September overlapped into the last week of releases for the month of August, the week of August 27th to September 2nd.

Top Music Releases’ Singles Playlist, September 3rd to September 9th

– Top Singles from Glasvegas, Nine Inch Nails, Califone, Okkervil River, Neko Case and Others
– Hot New Singles from Nine Inch Nails, Okkervil River and Califone’s Latest Releases
– Latest Releases from King Khan & The Shrines and Grooms Spawn Interesting Singles
– Top Singles from Holograms, The 1975, Royal Canoe, Caged Animal and Sundowner’s Latest Drops

Top DIY, Small Label and Exclusive Releases in Week One of September

– Standout Tracks from Burning Condors, Soy La Vid, Rafon Godard and Osk Exclusively on IRC
– Belgium Project The Feather’s Excellent New Single and Debut Album
– IRC Spotlight Artist Soy La Vid Returns with Follow Up Album
– Oslo Artist to Watch Osk Drop Compelling EP
– Rising Denver Band Rossonian Release Anticipated Debut Album
– Paris Producer Rafon Godard Creates Genre-Blended EP

Top Music Releases’ Singles Playlist, September 10th to September 16th

– Top Singles of Week Two from Glasvegas, Neko Case, King Khan, Royal Canoe and Others
– Hot New Singles from Nine Inch Nails, Okkervil River and Califone’s Latest Releases
– Still Waiting For Arctic Monkeys To Return to Their Roots
– Top Singles from Goldfrapp, Holy Ghost, Man Man, Obits, Forest Fire New Albums
– LA’s The Black Watch Release 17th Career LP
– Selected Tracks from The Weeknd, Obits, The Orwells, Wilcat! Wildcat’s Latest Releases
– Fresh MP3s from MiniBoone, The Stepkids, Peelander-Z and Terry Malts’ Impressive LPs

Top DIY, Small Label and Exclusive Releases in Week Two of September

– Bands to Watch Bucharest, The Invisibles, The Big, Sterling Fox, and Other DIY & Small Label Releases
– Talented Artists Sterling Fox, Fin Folsom, Wonderflu and Others Drop Stellar DIY Releases

Paper collage created by artist Derek Gores

Top Singles of Week One from Glasvegas, Neko Case, Nine Inch Nails, Califone, Okkervil River and Others

This playlist features 50 hand-picked singles from LPs, EPs and singles officially dropped in the first two weeks of September. The first week of releases for the month of September covers Tuesday (the day most labels drop new albums), September 3rd to September 6th, with top singles and albums from bands like Glasvegas, Nine Inch Nails, Neko Case, Califone, Okkervil River, King Khan and The Shrines, Royal Canoe, Holograms, The 175 and Volcano Choir among more well-known and signed artists, as well as a range of fantastic singles from new albums by DIY, small label and under-the-radar bands like Osk, Soy La Vid, Burning Condors, Rossonian. Fire up the playlist, kick back and enjoy.

We were surprised (but then not really) to see Captain Kirk (aka, William Shatner) doing the intro for Glasvegas‘ new music video for their single, “If.” In fact, it spun off a separate conversation about Shatner, his age, iconic status and even his musical career that was too long to fit here. “If” is one of the highlights of what sounds like a pretty decent album from Glasvegas. We haven’t yet really had a chance to listen to it three or four times, which is about what it takes to start to absorb an album like Later… When the TV Turns to Static. Next, the dynamic Neko Case has done it again; that is, produce a terrific album of heart-warming and intricate songs. She’s also managed to get by with an unusually long album title – The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You. On a different label, she probably could not have gotten away with it, but Anti-Records is not one of the old stuffy labels of yesteryear, and they’re cool with thinking out of the box. Check out the song, “Man” and stream the album – which should be called The Worse Things Get for short – and enjoy the masterful music compositions and wonderful voice of Neko Case.

“If”Glasvegas from Later… When the TV Turns to Static on Go Wow

“Man”Neko Case from The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You on Anti-Records

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Hot New Singles from Nine Inch Nails, Okkervil River and Califone’s Latest Releases

Nine Inch Nails‘ frontman, and the band’s longest remaining original member, Trent Reznor, has been a busy guy. Just in the past year, he has been on successful tours, released an excellent new album with his side-project, How To Destroy Angels, and even found time to compose video game and soundtrack scores. Plus, on Sept. 3rd, NIN released a new album that contains more synths, complex rhythms and strong hooks than any previous album. Indie folksters Okkervil River, lead by the spectacular and catchy single, “It Was My Season,” dropped their seventh studio LP, The Silver Gymnasium in the first week of September. The album is a concept LP of songs that relate to frontman Will Sheff‘s childhood in his hometown of Meriden, New Hampshire, and it is full of nostalgic reflections on childhood friendships, 80’s pop culture, and life events all draped in the band’s flourishing orchestral folk and pop sound that is evident throughout.

Chicago band, Califone, hit the mark again with their 13th album, Stitches, featuring experimental folk-pop with a spooky, sometimes hypnotic, and atmospheric, sounds and frontman Tim Rutili‘s amazing vocals. And then of course there is the sophomore album from Justin Vernon‘s (Bon Iver) side-project Volcano Choir, consisting of smooth melodies and atmospheric and experimental folk-pop and post-rock flourishes. If you like Vernon’s work, you’ll want to get the LP, Repave.

“Came Back Haunted”Nine Inch Nails from Hesitation Marks on Columbia Records

“Frosted Tips”Califone from Stitches on Dead Oceans

“Byegone”Volcano Choir from Repave on Jagjaguwar

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Latest Releases from King Khan & The Shrines and Grooms Spawn Terrific Singles

With an eighth album, Idle No More, King Khan & The Shrines has produced their most political work yet, paying homage to the indigenous rights movement in Canada, as well as personal insights about love and loss on one excellent soulful garage rock song after another. The official video for the song is cheesy, but some people find it interesting – in a cornball way. Next, the Brooklyn band Grooms employs 90’s-era indie rock with buzzing guitars and infectious melodies. The band’s third album, Infinity Caller, is available now on Western Vinyl.

“Bite My Tongue”King Khan and the Shrines from Idle No More on Merge Records

“I Think We’re Alone Now”Grooms from Infinity Caller on Western Vinyl

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Top Singles from Holograms, The 1975, Royal Canoe, Caged Animal and Sundowner’s Latest Drops

Holograms, a Swedish rock band, employ a tougher, drearier post-punk edge on their sophomore album with buzzing guitars and thick ; The first three minutes of the eight minute single from Hookworms starts out hushed, dark and haunting with a freaky, mystical twist and then launches into a louder and darker musical journey. We can’t really say that we understand the them or story of the video. Also, listen to the catchy riffs of Royal Canoe; the sweet pop of The 1975; the heavily melodic, tamed sounds of Caged Animal, and the intricate, atmospheric computer-generated sounds and beats of Jackson and His Computerband. Lastly, in as far as signed bands with releases, is “Faded Glory,” the first single from Ginkgo‘s debut record, Manopause. Ginkgo features Josh Grier and Jeremy Hanson of Tapes ‘n Tapes. Next, check out the top DIY albums and singles released by unsigned and small label artists Burning Condors, Soy La Vid, Rafon Godard and Osk.

“Flesh and Bone”Holograms from Forever on Captured Tracks

“Away/Towards”Hookworms from Pearl Mystic on Domino Recording Co.

“Bathtubs”Royal Canoe from Today We’re Believers on Roll Call Records

“Vista”Jackson and His Computerband from Glow on Warp Records

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Standout Tracks from Radar Artists Burning Condors, Soy La Vid, Rafon Godard and Osk Exclusively on IRC

There are a number of fine EPs and LPs from DIY and small label artists and bands this week that you don’t want to miss. Of all the artists in this section, London band Burning Condors is the least under-the-radar of them all. Burning Condors have made waves in the U.K. for their energetic garage rock blaze, a sound the band calls “artful punk.” That said, there is clearly a heavy influence of rock and blues in their sound as evident on blistering songs like “Last Train Home” and “Twisted Kind of Bliss” off their debut album, Round Our Way, dropped on September 9th. Aspiring vocalist Marcus ‘Tommy’ Thompson left his roots of Bradford, England in 2009, and moved to London where he met future band mates Matthew Edun (guitar) and a guy we only know as Churchy (bass) whose previous band had just imploded after becoming the first unsigned act to hit the UK top 40 with a debut single.

Over the ensuing years, Burning Condors made a name for themselves in the fiercely competitive music scene of London, opening for popular acts like the Legendary Shack Shakers and The Go Getters, and drawing from diverse musical influences like Joy Division, David Bowie, Flat Duo Jets, The Kills, Blur and Jack White, as well as old-timer blues, rockabilly and country legends like Muddy Waters, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash. Burning Condors have gained a good deal of blogger buzz in the UK and beyond. Now it’s time for them to be introduced to a larger audience of potential fans in North America and elsewhere that will dig the band’s ferocious punky blues rock as much as we do.

“Last Train Home”Burning Condors from Round Our Way

Bonus: “Twisted Kind of Bliss”Burning Condors from Round Our Way

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Belgium Project The Feather’s Excellent Single and Debut Album

The Feather is an indie rock project of Belgium pop musician Thomas Medard. We played his new song, “Sighs,” at least half a dozen times after hearing it for the first time; the track is from The Feather’s debut album, Invisible. There is also a YouTube lyrics video of “Sighs.” Medard’s top influences include Sufjan Stevens, Department of Eagles, Bright Eyes, and in the instrumental soundtracks sphere, Daniel Elfman and Eric Satie. We’ve written to him to please supply another song, but no luck yet. As soon as it’s available, we’ll be sure to at the least send it out via our Twitter and Facebook feeds if people react positively

“Sighs”The Feather from Invisible – Sept. 9th

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IRC Spotlight Artist Soy La Vid Returns with Follow Up Album

dropped in the first week of September from DIY artists that we’ve included songs from below. An Indianapolis DIY artist that we featured last year, Soy La Vid, has returned with another remarkable album, Egocentric In The City, and if you didn’t catch Mark Abdon‘s brilliant songwriting and playing the first time around, you’ll want to hear these new tracks, especially the wonderful acoustic track, “Atticus vs. The House of Leaves.” For good measure, we’re also including a second song, from Egocentric In The City, called “Dear White Privilege,” which is further evidence of Abdon’s talents, and why we are featuring him for a second time. This is an artist that we really feel more folk music lovers will come to appreciate; and hopefully from there, Soy La Vid, will gain more followers and start to gain the broader visibility that he deserves.

From Noise Trade: “The concept album – an autobiographical snapshot of a middle-class, suburbanite couple – recently self-displaced to the St. Clair Place neighborhood of the Near East Side of Indianapolis. Hilarity, heartbreak and a good deal of selfishness ensue. There is an internal struggle that becomes strikingly clear when confronted with both the salient needs of neighbors, as well as the relational time investment of having neighbors that initiate relationship frequently and boldly. The crux of the matter for the introvert is that one is left with very little personal space or, alternatively, pangs of guilt for ignoring the doorbell once again. Coupled with a sense of inadequacy when faced with the substantial needs of friends and neighbors – this leads to the realization that living in the city does, in fact, reveal one’s selfishness – hence the title.” Abdon summed up the album as “the joys and frustrations of being a white, middle-class, suburbanite couple living in the ‘hood.” It’s no surprise that Abdon’s biggest influences include Sufjan Stevens, The National, Andrew Bird, Iron & Wine, and Interpol. Listen to more tracks from the 16 song album at Soy La Vid’s Bandcamp page, or purchase a copy to show support for a promising musician.

“Atticus vs. The House of Leaves”Soy La Vid from Egocentric in the City – Sept. 6th

“Dear White Privilege”Soy La Vid from Egocentric in the City

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Oslo Artist to Watch Osk Drop Compelling EP

Based in Oslo, Norway, musician Oskar Yazan Mellemsether, who records under the moniker, Osk, dropped his debut, self-titled EP earlier this month featuring standout tracks like “The Gesture I Just Made Means I Love You,” (no clue what the gesture is supposed to be though) which is a soft and melancholic song that eventually works up into flourishes of pop-tinged choruses as he repeats again and again: “you will never know how much you mean to me.” Mellemsether gathered some of Trondheim‘s finest young musicians to perform a range of instruments, including trumpet, piano, wurlitzer, tuba, and of course guitar, bass and drums, for the studio recordings and live performances.

In December 2012, Ósk was awarded “Artist of the Week” by the Norwegian radio program P3, and was listed in a number of Norwegian publications, newspapers and blogs’ top bands to watch. The band also played Øyafestival and Pstereo music festivals in Norway this past summer. Osk’s EP was released by the small Norwegian label, Impeller Recordings. Stuwe’s top musical influences are Elliott Smith, John Grant, and Beirut.

“The Gesture I Just Made Means I Love You”Osk from Osk EP – Sept. 6th

“Never Know”Osk from Osk EP

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You Are Your Own Dentist

Rising Denver Band Rossonian Drops Debut Album

The members of the unsigned Denver band Rossonian met three years ago while they were all instructors at Camp Jam, a kid’s rock band camp. However, it was not until last year that Kramer Kelling (bass), Scott Roush (keys, computers), Seth Evans (guitar, vocals), and Nate Barnes (drums) began playing together, and not long after, performed their first show at Denver’s Underground Music Showcase, which lead to the band being booked to open for popular indie bands like Generationals and Magic Trick. Rossonian mix an array of genre influences, like pop, garage, soul, rock and electro to create sensual songs that have led them to be compared to a “grittier, groove-orientated Alt-J” with “Bowie-like multiform ingenuity and deliberate lyrical content hearkening to the likes of Warren Zevon and My Morning Jacket.” On September 9th, the band dropped their debut EP, You Are Your Own Dentist.

“Garuda”Rossonian from You Are Your Own Dentist – Sept. 9th

“Ticklish”Rossonian from You Are Your Own Dentist

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Paris Producer Rafon Godard Releases Genre-Blended EP

Other unsigned albums worth checking out that dropped in September include Paris producer, and musician, Rafon Godard‘s new EP, The Big Bank Theory. Godard described the EP like this: “This project was created to mimic life moving through music, and it flows from beginning to end with an eclectic mix of several of my favorite styles (EDM, Trap, Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Pop and Soul) incorporating experimental sounds and even more experimental construction.” Download The Big Bank Theory for free via Bandcamp.

“Drunk N High”Rafon Godard from The Big Bank Theory – Sept. 4th

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/////////// SEPTEMBER’s TOP TRACKS: WEEK TWO \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\


September Week Two Top Releases from Forest Fire, Holy Ghost, Goldfrapp, Man Man, Obits, and More

Up at the top of our favorite singles, and the albums that come from, for the second week of September is Forest Fire‘s “Alone With The Wires,” is a slow-burning, hazy pop mixed with psych track with hushed vocals and beautiful melodies from a thick bass signature and heavy reverb guitar strumming, and a steady snare and bass drum delivery. The single is simply a representation of the rest of the album and it’s one of our favorite ‘surprise’ releases of the week. Next, Philadelphia indie band Man Man change things up with the single from their fifth album, which is less hectic but still full of energy and genre mixing infusions, catchy hooks and intricate prog-pop instrumentation. But first is one of the top upbeat songs of the summer, the fast-paced synth pop hook, “Teenagers in Heat” from Brooklyn duo Holy Ghost. If you haven’t hear this song yet, you’ll probably play it over and over; the chorus and the instrumentals are insane, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself dancing, or at the very least tapping your foot. The accompanying official video for “Teenagers in Heat” is also worth checking out. The duo’s new album, Dynamics, was co-produced by former LCD Soundsystem frontman, and DFA Records founder, James Murphy.

“Teenagers in Heat”Holy Ghost from Dynamics on DFA

“Alone With The Wires”Forest Fire from Screens on Fat Cat Records


“Head On”Man Man from On Oni Pond on Anti- Records

“Drew”Goldfrapp from Tales of Us on Mute Records

“Wongharey”Tal National from Kaani on Fat Cat Records

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Still Waiting For Arctic Monkeys To Return to Their Roots

The second week of September releases includes top albums from popular artists like Goldfrapp, Holy Ghost, Man Man, Obits, as well as Forest Fire, Jacuzzi Boys, The Orwells, The Stepkids, among others. Of course, there was also the newest album from Arctic Monkeys. We were huge fans of the band when they first really hit the scene in 2004-05, but we have not been able to really feel the same enthusiasm for the band’s releases in the past few years; they’re not terrible, but they’re not the same old band either. The band’s newest album, AM, is OK by all measures, but we’d embrace a return to the rock sound that made them famous to begin with – it’s what they did best. Since their change-up, they seem to be wandering somewhat lost in a world of sonic dappling that in the end just doesn’t really work. It’s a shame to see a band that played such great guitar rock abandoned it for the fear of being criticized for not growing – but we’re waiting for that return- to-roots album from Arctic Monkeys, and suppose millions of others do as well.

“Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?”Arctic Monkeys from AM on Domino Recording Co.

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LA’s The Black Watch Releases 17th Career LP

The long-time Los Angeles pop band, The Black Watch, formed in the late 1980’s, and referred to as “a national treasure” by the L.A. Weekly, released their 17th album in early September, The End of When. The Black Watch frontman/songwriter John Andrew Frederick said of the band’s new single, “Meg,” as “revolving around the singer’s appreciation of a woman’s uniqueness and beauty and how he goes all ‘ice cream inside’ when he thinks of her looking at him ‘green-eyed-shyly’ through ‘imperfect bangs.’”

“Meg”The Black Watch from The End of When on Pop Culture Press

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Top Songs from The Weeknd, Obits, The Orwells, Wilcat! Wildcat’s Latest Releases

When San Francisco band The Weeknd put out new material, it creates a buzz, and so they did just that in early September with the release of their new album, Kiss Land. The video of the single “Belong to the World,” is much more in the style of a mini-film than a music video, but it’s definitely something you’ve gotta check out if you are a Weeknd fan, or curious after hearing the single if The Weeknd is new to you.

“Belong to the World”The Weeknd from Kiss Land on XO/Republic Records

“Spun Out”Obits from Bed and Bugs on Sub Pop

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“Who Needs You”The Orwells from Who Needs You EP on Atlantic Records

“Heavy Bells”J. Roddy Walston & The Business from Essential Tremors on ATO Records

“Domino Moon”Jacuzzi Boys from Jacuzzi Boys on Hardly Art

“Garden Grays”Wildcat! Wildcat! from Wildcat! Wildcat! EP on Downtown Records

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“Sugarcrush”Joanna Gruesome from Weird Sister on Slumberland Records

“Interlude”London Grammar from If You Wait on Columbia Records – Check out the accolades from listeners on Soundcloud –

“Fire & Brimstone”Trombone Shorty from Say That to Say This on Verve Forecast

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Power Pop Band MiniBoone, The Stepkids, Peelander-Z and Terry Malts’ Fresh Singles

The New York quintet MiniBoone deliver an “enchanting mesh of old-school energy and new-school melody” with late 1970’s-era post-punk and super hooks of modern indie-pop-think Buildings And Food-era Talking Heads,” according to Christopher Weingarten, The Village Voice. People have compared the latest single “Sweet Salvation” from The Stepkids as a blend of George Clinton, Prince, Frank Zappa and The Shins. The freaky sci-fi music video is bizarre, yet somehow interesting. Terry Malts busts out gritty lo-fi surf rock on the track, “Walking Without You,” from the album, Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere, officially dropped on Sept. 10th via Sumberland Records.

“Baby, I Hope So”MiniBoone from MiniBoone on Ernest Jenning Record Co.

“Ride on the Shooting Star”Peelander-Z from Metalander-Z on Chicken Ranch

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“Sweet Salvation”The Stepkids from Troubador on Stones Throw

“Walking Without You”Terry Malts from Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere on Slumberland

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Bands to Watch Bucharest, The Visibles, The Big DIY & Small Label Releases

Now things get really interesting. The second week of September’s DIY and small label releases kicks off with a promising new band from Tel Aviv, Israel, interestingly named Bucharest. The band’s debut single, “Freaking Out” is an uptempo jangly pop song with a catchy rhythm and sweet, melodic hooks. Apparently the band’s self-titled debut album will be released in October, which we’re looking forward to and will be sure to feature with hopefully some other songs as good as their debut single. Following Bucharest is another promising new band, The Visibles, who released their self-titled, debut album on September 10th, featuring the terrific single, “Clarendon Hills.” Next, The Big composes indie rock inspired songs with a theatrical structure and introspective lyrics as demonstrated on their excellent single, “Silver Soul.” The Big explores the endless possibilities behind terrace dynamics and intricate chordal structure. The Big refer to them as “mothers of a new genre; slow pop.”

“Freaking Out”Bucharest from Bucharest – Sept. 10th

“Clarendon Hills”The Visibles from The Visibles – Sept. 10th

“Silver Soul”The Big from The Big EP – Sept. 10th

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Stellar Music from Sterling Fox, Fin Folsom, Wonderflu and Other Top DIY Drops

From Port St. Lucie, Florida, the punk psych rock band, Infinite Radio & The Shadow People, jam out like acid-popping space invaders from Mars on songs like “Night Life” and “Breaking Out” from their debut album, The Fall, released on September 10th. The band’s musical influences are not surprising: The Mars Volta, The Flaming Lips, Pink Floyd, Thee Oh Sees, Arcade Fire, and Camper Van Beethoven. Listen to the excellent, mellow single, “Ghost,” from New York City artist Sterling Fox. He is a songwriter/producer turned rock and roll singer best known for producing Lana Del Rey‘s breakthrough hit “Video Games”. Also, check out tracks from New York City DIY band Fin Folsom and Paris indie band Wonderflu.

“Night Life”Infinite Radio & The Shadow People from The Fall – Sept. 10th

“Breaking Out!”Infinite Radio & The Shadow People from The Fall

“Brett Ashley”Fin-Folsom from Tell-Tale – Sept. 12th

“Ghost”Sterling Fox from single – Sept. 13th
Bonus: “Drip Drop”Sterling Fox from single

“Don’t Trust”Wonderflu from PFAU – Sept. 13th

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Brooklyn’s Bobby Blue Works With DFA Producer on New Release

Brooklyn-based, Indiana-raised, songwriter and musician Bobby Blue mixes a variety of genres – from pop, electro, country, rock – on his new album that was engineered by DFA Records engineer Abe Seiferth. The acoustic/electronic track ‘Sunshine’, with clear influences from ELO, is incredibly sunny, uplifting, and melodic with plenty of hooks. Another track, “Go,” is a semi electro country song. Blue is heavily influenced by artists like Jónsi, Björk, This Mortal Coil, ELO, and Loretta Lynn. Blue’s songs have been featured on radio stations, and remixed for the dance floor by other artists, in Europe and America. The Tim Letteer remix of “In A Song” was on the dance charts for four months. Blue has previously performed at the Knitting Factory and former CBGBs in NYC.

“Sunshine”Bobby Blue from Sunshine – Sept. 14th

“Go”Bobby Blue from Sunshine

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Side Story: Captain Kirk Appears on Glasvegas Video; Latest in Long Musical History

This is a side story, or in journalistic terms, a side-bar. It just kind of happened. William Shatner’s appearance in the Glasvegas was a nice surprise. The band scored an intro from Captain Kirk. Every time we see William Shatner (all of the time for Priceline), we are marveled at how amazing he looks for a man of 82 years, even if he is a little plump. He looks like he could easily be 20 to 25 years younger, and whoever did his plastic surgery should get an award because the caption of the Starship Enterprise does not look like one of those hatchet jobs that so many celebs of his age group, and younger, have had where you can tell that they had plastic surgery (and it didn’t necessarily go well – Kenny Rodgers). Anyways, we just thought that was worth mentioning because Shatner is such an icon across generations and throughout the galaxy and those beyond. He’s a testament, and inspiration to all, that you can be 82 and still be cool, vibrant and looking great (even with his unnoticeable plastic surgeries). Shatner is probably the male equivalent of Betty White – he’s been in the entertainment industry for some 60 years, he’s recognized by numerous generations of people and he still does TV, film, commercials, live shows, has won Emmys and other awards, and more. Shatner released a few albums back in the day – the 1960’s – that were commercial flops, but in later years, as the popularity of Star Trek continued to grow into a full blown Trekkie Nation three and four decades into the life of the franchise, those otherwise forgotten albums became collectors’ items, and due to demand, by the turn of the century, Shatner’s old original recordings were being remastered and re-released. Shatner recorded new albums in the 2000s that were given high marks by fans, and he has made countless contributions to other recordings over the years. There are even recordings with Doctor Spoke (Leonard Nimoy). If you’re interested, whether you’re a Trekkie or not, check out Shatner’s Spotify channel.

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