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David-Thomas-Jones-Comfort-CreaturesAustin is a city over-flowing with talented musicians, which makes it difficult for accomplished artists to stand out. Nevertheless, local singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and prolific musical collaborator David Thomas Jones is a rising DIY musician within Austin’s city limits, and increasingly, beyond. Less than a year since he officially launched his solo effort, Jones has been featured on a number of popular blogs and news sites and has opened for big-time bands and artists, including Cake, Local H and fellow Austin musician Ben Kweller.

In addition to his relatively fresh solo efforts, Jones has, or had, a role in various other bands, including, Watch Out For Rockets, which we featured on IRC a couple of years ago. WOFR started out as a bedroom project of Jones’ and quickly evolved into a full-blown lo-fi pop band, which has released six albums since it’s inception. Jones was also the drummer for the band The Murdocks, the bassist for psychedelic rock band, Scan Hopper, as well as the band Les RAV, a rising indie band from Austin that made quite a splash at last month’s SXSW.


Jones’ debut solo LP, Comfort Creatures, was recorded in his friend, James Jones‘ (Love Inks, TV Torso, and Hundred Visions), living room. It’s a great record as the two songs featured below clearly demonstrate.
His musical influences include Guided by Voices, Sebadoh, Sonic Youth, Diamond Rugs, T. Rex and King Tuff.

“Our Lives”David Thomas Jones from Comfort Creatures

“Butcher in the Sky”David Thomas Jones from Comfort Creatures

Listen to Comfort Creatures on Spotify

“Ghetto and Rye” – Watch Out For Rockets from Telephatic War Machine (2011)

David Thomas Jones’ Official Website

David Thomas Jones on Facebook

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