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Wyatt Baer is the one-man bedroom producer and musician behind the ambient synth pop, drone, dance and R&B textures of the DIY EP, Faustian Plea, self-released on November 27th, under the moniker Quixotism. Living in Burbank, California, Quixotism is a project that is only a little more than one year old, inspired by his love of artists like Burial, Drake, Holy Other, Flying Lotus, Animal Collective, and James Blake, all of which are influences that are clearly noticeable in a range of his tracks.

While the track, “I Wanted,” is one of his more accessible tracks, Baer also rises to the occasion on the second track, “Douse,” which is included as a contrast to the afore-mentioned track. The song, “Sooner,” from Quixotism’s debut LP, Conduit – released a little less than two months prior (on Oct. 1st) to Faustian Plea – is a spacious, free-flowing electro pop track with quirky sound effects and samples from Frou Frou. Listen to more of Quixotism’s songs via Bandcamp.

“Douse”Quixotism from Faustian Plea – Nov. 27th

“I Wanted”Quixotism from Faustian Plea

Bonus Track: “Sooner”Quixotism from Conduit – Oct. 1st

In his submission to IRC, Baer wrote about his endeavor: “No label, no studio, no producers, no formal music or production training or schooling of any kind (other than high school show choir). It’s just me…I do it because I love it and because I have to. It keeps me sane.”

New Jersey Singer/Songwriter Slow Buildings Drops New EP

In 2005, New Jersey singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jason Legacy released the debut LP, Good Things Happen with his band, Slow Buildings. He played all the instruments, recorded, produced and released the LP DIY style, followed by his sophomore release, Everything Like This, dropped in 2008. Both albums feature a combination of edgy, melodic indie pop, indie rock and elements of punk and alternative rock. Last year, Slow Buildings’ third album, This Is Dead Aesthetic Junk, was released to enthusiastic reviews.

On December 18th, Slow Buildings dropped their debut EP, Glass Joe, featuring the two singles below. Contributors include his brother, Ted Legacy, drummers Zee and Rich Meehan, guitarist Oce Dytioco and Christopher Basile on bass. Slow Buildings has opened for The Fearless and considers among their top musical influences The Beatles, The Kinks, The Soft Boys, early Weezer, and The Misfits.

“Glass Joe (remix)”Slow Buildings from Glass Joe EP – Dec. 18th

“Secrets Kept, Secrets Lost”Slow Buildings from Glass Joe EP

Slow Buildings Facebook Page

Portland DIY Genre-Bending Band Whaki

Portland DIY electro fazz junk band Whaki has been experimenting with a melange of sounds since their beginning in a Cleveland basement in 1999. With wild ideas and creative imaginings unbound by convention, Judd Higgins & Zakk Kuzda began to uncover the roots of a story.

While Higgins now resides in Savannah, Georgia, and Kuzda in Portland, WHAKi and their exploration of all things absurd continues. Reunited in 2005, WHAKi released their eponymous first album, a combination of their first tunes along with new improvisational jams. Last month, they released a unique album called One Minute Soundtracks (aka, OMS), from which they sent in two tracks to share with IRC readers.

“OMS #30 [Hub Numm]”Whaki from OMS (One Minute Soundtracks) – Nov. 26th

“OMS #31 [Something in the Air]”Whaki from OMS (One Minute Soundtracks)

Whaki on Facebook


Cedar Falls Har-di-Har, Romulus Rues

From Cedar Falls, Iowa, Har-di-Har is the DIY duo of Andrew and Julie Thoreen whose indie-pop/psych-folk Americana sound took shape in December of 2011, following years of playing in other bands. Since January 2012, they have toured across Iowa, Colorado, and Minnesota for two-months straight, during which time they released two EPs – Words of Whim in July, and Feudal Kind, this December. The duo plan to release two additional EPs in 2013. Andrew sings and plays drums, guitar and bass, while Julie, also a vocalist and drummer, performs on keyboards. The duo described Indie rock as “the inner-connection of self-expression and the collective ideals of a creative culture…and at mercy of the usage of the populous (fortunately and unfortunately).

“Campaign”Har-di-Har from Feudal Kind EP – Dec. 11th

“Losing You”Har-di-Har from Feudal Kind EP

Romulus Rues is a DIY folk rock musician based in Hyde Park, New York, who originally released small music projects as Fine Troubled Prince and Pictures in the Clouds. His songwriting always starts with a phrase, word, or name, and he continues to work from that foundation until he has a song that he is satisfied with. On his new solo debut, Who Knew Forever Could Be So Short?, Rues is a one-man band – writing, singing, playing all of the instruments, recording and mixing.

“The Fall”Romulus Rues from Who Knew Forever Could Be So Short? – Dec. 13th

“Evangeling”Romulus Rues from Who Knew Forever Could Be So Short?

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