‘It’s The End of the World’ Doomsday Apocalyptic 12/21/12 Playlist – REM, Radiohead, The Shins, AC/DC, The Strokes, The Hives

endoftheworld2012playlistIn a few hours, at the start of the winter solstice, some people on our troubled planet may be relieved to find out that the so-called 12.21.12 doomsday prophecies, misinterpreted from translations of the Mayan calendar, did not come true.

It’s been the most anticipated, talked about and hyped doomsday prophecy in the history of mankind – so much so that even a major Hollywood film ‘2012’ (the gold standard for terrible, cliche-filled Hollywood movie-making) was made.

The film is perhaps best known for having more ‘yeah right’ moments than any other film of recent memory – a dark comedy of just how many millions of dollars Hollywood can waste to turn out a seriously bad action-packed movie.

Even Woody Harrelson probably doesn’t want to talk about it – reefed up or not.

That said, if it is going to the end of the world, we’re going out with a playlist, of course – with appropriate songs from REM, Radiohead, The Rolling Stones, The Hives, The Strokes, AC/DC, The Shins, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, and many others in the Spotify playlist below, including one song that doesn’t necessarily fit in with the others – do you know which one it is?

So, if we don’t get to share music with you again after this day, the apocalypse, it’s been a great five years. As Michael Stipe of REM famously sang: “It’s the end of the world/as we know it/and I feel fine.”

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  1. hey guys/gals at IRC – this is a dope collection of songs to mark the non-doomsday doomsday of 12.21.12. I love your playlists and come to the site a few times of week. I always find good new (and older greats as this playlist has) music and bands.

    I especially like that IRC puts up music like the diy bands/artists that I don’t see on other music blogs, and I visit a lot of them but IRC is probably my favorite cause you have top 10 playlists for every week even though they sometimes take a little to post, it’s a minor point to me compared to the music which is a diversity of so much great tracks.

    I also like the weekly new releases posts – no other sites does such comprehensive coverage of diy and well known new albums and the fact that I can download (for free!) my favorite songs. More videos would be cool on your videos page and in the posts, and the homepage screen flash of the top posts doesn’t appear on the iPad for some reason. I show all my friends your blog and many them are addcited too 🙂 hope i didn’t ramble too much, but you guys have made it so easy for me to find awesome music and from so many terrific musicians thank you.

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