Visually-Impaired Folk Rockers Seek Cure for Eye Disease and the ‘First Deaf Rapper’ Overcomes Incredible Odds


Search For Sight is a Missouri classic folk rock band that was formed by Jeff Grady and Kelly Matthews who are both blind. The band’s central goal is to raise funds to find a cure for the eye disease retinitis pigmentosa, also known as RP that is robbing them of their vision. All the profilts from the two albums they have released (Too Many Goodbyes – Feb, 2012 and See You Around – Oct, 2012) go towards this much needed research.

“Six O’Clock”Search For Sight from See You Around

“Lost In The Sand”Search For Sight from See You Around

More information at Search For Sight

Purely by coincidence, we also received singles from a new release this week by Prinz-D, who calls himself the “first deaf rapper.” We have no way to verify or not that claim, but we do think his new single demonstrates clearly that a hear-impaired artist, especially nowadays thanks to technology and the Internet. Prinz-D took speech therapy to improve as a recording artist growing through the years and now believes his new LP, First Deaf Rapper Vol 2, will be the step in the right direction in gaining a significant following.

“Kick Em to the Curb”Prinz D with Rob The Rockstar from First Deaf Rapper Vol 2

“Shawty Like Me”Prinz D with Rob The Rockstar from First Deaf Rapper Vol 2

Prinz D Facebook page

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