Fresh Tracks from Animal Collective, Cat Power, The Raveonettes, The Helio Sequence, Wanderlust

Not surprisingly, there is a lot of buzz around the expected release of Animal Collective‘s 9th studio album, Centipede Hz, which is streaming, complete with psychedelic visuals, on the band’s My Animal Home Radio website. Pre-order the Centipede Hz CD here, set to drop on Sept. 4th.

It’s been four years since a new album of original music was released by Cat Power. For diehard fans, the long wait is over. Catpower’s 2008 album, Jukebox, was her most successful ever, reaching No. 14 on the U.S. Billboard chart. Matador Records has already released two singles, plus a remix, from Cat Power’s upcoming new album, Sun, set to drop on Sept. 4th (pre-order via Amazon). The first track, “Ruin,” was released a couple of months ago. Now the legendary alternative label has released a second track, “Cherokee.” Stream or download it below, or get it from Cat Power’s official website, which also features her current tour dates.

Pre-order Sun on the Matador StoreiTunesAmazon and/or grab the deluxe vinyl + exclusive 7″ at your favorite indie retailer on September 4.

“Cherokee”Cat Power from Sun – Sept. 4th

Nearly one and a half years since the release of the well-received LP, Raven in the Grave, The Raveonettes are gearing up to drop their sixth studio album, Observator, on September 11th. In June, the band released the first single, “Observations.” The second single from the LP, “She Owns The Streets,” is a summertime, feel-good pop track featuring layers of glistening guitars intertwined with upbeat vocals that echo bands like Galaxie 500 and The Cure, and amplifies the Denmark male-female duo’s ability to break out into new territory. Pre-order Observator on CD or MP3 in order to get it as soon as it drops. From the two tracks already released, anticipation is building for the September release.

“She Owns The Streets”The Raveonettes from Observator – Sept. 11th

Double-shot: “Observations”The Raveonettes from Observator

And then there’s The Helio Sequence. Can’t forget them. Here’s the sweet new single, “Hall of Mirrors” from The Helio Sequence’s Negotiations, which will officially drop in two weeks.

“Hall of Mirrors” – The Helio Sequence from Negotiations -Sept. 11th


Wanderlust Return After 15-Year Hiatus

Celebrating 20 years since their formation, Philadelphia alternative rock/power pop band Wanderlust made a big splash in 1995 when RCA released their full-length debut album, Prize. The band entered the studio to record their second album in 1997, but things didn’t work out and they were dropped. The unfinished second album was later released by a small label, Not Lame. Now the band is back 15 years later with their new album, Record Time, set to drop on September 25th via Zip Records. Having opened for bands like The Who, Ben Folds 5 and Collective Soul, Wanderlust is less of an indie band than a rock band. Here’s the album’s first single, “Lou Reed.”

“Lou Reed”Wanderlust from Record Time – Sept. 25th via Zip Records

Bonus Track: “Blow Away”

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  1. You should check out an up and coming indie folk band; Communist Daughter, they are starting a west coast/midwest tour this week. They are from Minneapolis, MN.

    p.s. IndieRockCafe is the best!!!!!!!!! Thanks for helping me discover all the new music I now listen to!

    – Ross

    1. Hey Ross – Thanks for the kind words. We have featured Communist Daughter before – you can find it by using the site’s search box. Enjoy.

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