Recent Releases Almost Missed, Vol. XXI – TRMRS, The D.A., Pale Seas, Starlight Girls, Finn Riggins, Buxton, AJ Nutter

The southern California band, TRMRS, which is an abbreviation of “tremors,” released a split 7-inch vinyl, Good Time Blues, on April 7th with Seattle rock band The Night Beats. The title track, “Good Time Blues” is a five-minute guitar jam that switches between ‘trash-pop’ and surf rock. The B-side single, “Enter The Door,” is a crashing psychedelic rock track that also includes elements of space pop and chill wave.

Different people have different ways to describe the same songs. With that caveat, the music blog, The Hollow Eyed, described the B-side single, “Enter the Door,” as “Dream Syndicate-style paisley power pop with reverby , slacker surfy shine,” and continued, “whereas the preview’s title track takes the sun-bleached mentality and, like a rocket into the basement, covered in slime, gives off a much bouncier and squirming blaze.” However, there is confusion, and conflicting accounts, around what The Night Beats contribution was to the double single.

“Good Times Blues” TRMRS from Good Time Blues – April 7th


“Something Or Nothing”Pale Seas from Something Or Nothing – March 6th

“Big Woman”The D.A. from You Kids! – March 13th

“Benchwarmers” Finn Riggins from Benchwarmers EP – April 17th

“The Hunch”Starlight Girls from Starlight Girls – March 24th


“Boy of Nine” Buxton from Nothing Here Seems Strange – Jan. 31st

“When The Sun Sets” – Mouth of Ghosts from When The Sun Sets – May 1st


AJ Nutter Inspired by Hitchcock’s Classic, ‘The Birds’

From Lancaster, Pennsylvania, ambient electronic artist AJ Nutter released a 10-inch vinyl double-sided LP in February via 16 Pound Rabbit, featuring hand-dripped wax on the jacket. Influenced by Alfred Hitchcock‘s film, The Birds, Nutter created a musical composition that reflects his admiration for the horror film classic.

He wrote that the 100 limited blue vinyl LPs are likely most interesting to Hitchcock fans and soundtrack enthusiasts. Here are two tracks from the album, including “Bodega Bay,” which is a small seaside town about 35 miles north of San Francisco where Hitchcock filmed many scenes from the movie. In fact, the old school house from the film remains in tact and has been a tourist attraction for more than 60 years.

“Bodega Bay” AJ Nutter from The Birds – March 1st

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