Best Summer Songs, Vol. XI – Wavves, The Vaccines, Best Coast, Mazes, Triptides, Film School, The Kinks, Radiohead

(Originally posted in July 2011) It’s almost hard to believe that it is summer here in northern California and the Pacific Northwest, because it has been unusually cool, and even rained (the latter which almost never happens in the Bay Area during summer). One of the best things about summer is taking trips to the beach. We’re grateful to be only a few feet from the beach, so putting together summertime, beach-themed playlist mixes is almost a requirement.

You can stream the entire playlist below simply by clicking on the first song. Not only to we obviously enjoy listening to the mixes over and over again, but the best part of it all is sharing them with people across the U.S. and around the world. Some of you will hear songs, and artists, for the first time that you really enjoy, others will be reminded of songs they always liked but haven’t heard for a long time, and even more will experience a combination of the two.

This latest mix in the Best Summer Songs series includes 35 exclusively indie and alt. rock songs that we think exemplify summer in one or more ways. This mix is mostly indie and alternative rock oriented, but also features classic rock songs for summer as well.

Please feel free to Comment – you’re comment will be accessible to tens, even hundreds, of thousands of people. Let everyone know your favorite track(s) from this particular mix. As some of you know, we occasionally pick the author of a comment (usually when they have a keen observation about a particular song) to win a free and legal album download, a vinyl album, gift certificate or card, sometimes even concert and festival tickets.

“Super Soaker”Wavves from King of the Beach (2010)

“Oceans”The Format from Dog Problems (2006)

“Wetsuit”The Vaccines from What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? (2011)

“Beach Comber”Real Estate from Real Estate (2009)

“When The Sun Don’t Shine”Best Coast from Hope Is Just a Walking Dream (2010)

“Beach Party”Air France from No Way Down (2008)

“Ocean City”Kurt Vile from Square Shells (2010)

“Sunburn”Beat Connection from Surf Noir EP (2010)

“Blue Sunshine”Blue Giant from Blue Giant (2010)

“Sundriped”Com Truise from Cyanide Sisters EP (2010)

“Sunshine/Pretty Girls”Unnatural Helpers from Unnatural Sampler (2010)

“Surf and Turf/Maths Tag”Mazes from A Thousand Keys (2008)

“Shadows”Triptides from Tropical Dreams (2011)

“Light and Day – Reach For The Sun”The Polyphonic Spree from The Beginning Stages (2002)

“Sunny Day”Film School from Fission (2010)

“At The Beach”The Avett Brothers from Mignonette (2004)

“Buenos Aires Beach”The War on Drugs from Barrel of Batteries EP (2008)

“Forget Me Not”Glass Vaults from Glass EP (2010)

“Summer Hits Or J Plus J Don’t Like”Mazes from A Thousand Keys (2011)

“Golden Girl”Therapies Son from Over The Sea (2011)

“RE: Chillwaves”John Blaze from Introductions EP (2010)

“Waves”The Elected from Me First (2004)

“The Secret Ocean”Of Montreal from The Bird Who Continues to Eat the Rabbit’s Flower (1998)

“Blood The Sun And Water”Born Ruffians from Say It (2010)

“The Sun On His Back” Camera Obscura from Biggest Blues Hi Fi (2004)

“Sunset Junction”Work Drugs from Work Drugs (2010)

“Definitely Beachy (Reprise)”Air Miami from Me Me Me (1995)

“Pictures in the Sand”The Kinks from Great Lost Kinks Albums (1971)

“Don’t Look Back Into The Sun”The Libertines from The New Breed (2003)

“Burn The Beach”Leisure Birds from That Time of the Month (2010)

“Brighton Beach”Little Brazil from SXSW Sampler (2010)

“Keepin On”Turbo Fruits from Keepin On 7 (2010)

“On The Beach (Neil Young)”Radiohead

“Our Scenery”Gauntlet Hair from I Was Thinking (2010)

“Beach & Friends (Hey Champ Remix)French Horn Rebellion Vs Database

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  1. Beach Fossils should have been on here πŸ™‚ Bt very good mix tape, Indierockcafe never disappoints.

    1. Hey Jesse: Yeah, lots of bands could have been on here – but we had to cut it down somewhere – plus, we have Beach Fossils on SO many other mixes, just spend some time going through the hundreds of mixtapes on here and you’ll see them a lot πŸ™‚

  2. I generally love your mixes but I have to say this lineup is disappointing. Notable goodies are Sunshine / Pretty Girls and Surf and Turf/Maths Tag.

    1. We’ve been right here Matt πŸ™‚

      Stay tuned, we’ve got so much more music in the pipeline – a lot of it you’ve probably never heard before.

      Thanks for participating in leaving Comments and feel free to do so again – we like when people give their two cents. πŸ™‚

      Maxwell for IRC

    1. hi Gabriel: No one else has said the songs are poppy and cracky? If it’s every song, it’s defiintely something with your computer – or there is some electric interference on your computer. Good luck!

    1. Hi Jake: Nope it wasn’t your computer – the traffic on the mixtape was SO heavy, that it maxed our DropBox files – so we had to reload them all into another server, then set all the new links and republish – so it’s all fixed now πŸ™‚

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