Best New Releases – Black Lips, Arctic Monkeys, Cults, F*cked Up, Dawes, Hooray For Earth, The Postelles, Givers, Battles, Oneida


It’s another strong week for new indie rock releases with fresh albums from the Black Lips, Arctic Monkeys, Cults, F*cked Up, Dawes, Hooray For Earth, Almost Free, Hospital Ships, Givers, and many others. There’s no shortage of great indie releases this week, so we hope the singles will help you decide which albums you want to add to your collection.

We liked the Cults the first time we heard them, but here’s where the proverbial ‘indie question’ comes into play. Now that the Cults have signed to Columbia – one of the major record labels (considered for years as the ‘enemy’ by some musicians and music lovers, and as result, helped spawn the indie, or ‘independent,’ music movement, even though few people agree nowadays exactly what is and isn’t ‘indie’) – some fans are not exactly happy with the band’s decision.

The same question can be applied to so many bands. The Decemberists started out really indie, if you will, and then signed to Capitol.  But some people still consider them to be ‘indie,’ while others have called them ‘sell-outs.’  It is a bit hard to ignore the fact that one of the most popular indie bands of the past decade have signed to a major record label.

That aside, here are the top 25 MP3 singles from new releases out this week. It must be said that we are not really ‘feeling’ the new Arctic Monkeys‘ of recent years – we absolutely love the old guitar-blazing riffs, roaring drum playing, excited bass thumping and overall rawness of AM pre-2009 back. Also, the album cover for The Coathangers‘ new album is definitely likely to turn some heads and get people talking, but we’d rather not showcase it prominently because it is a bit scandalous. If the band or label intended to do so to create some chatter regarding the band, then, kudos to them.

“Modern Art” Black Lips from Arabia Mountain

“Don’t Bother Me Now – Almost Free from In/Out (self-released)

“Trailer Park Boneyard “The Coathangers from Larceny & Old Lace


“Abducted” – Cults from Cults

“123 Stop”The Postelles from The Postelles

“Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair”Arctic Monkeys from Suck It and See

“The Other Shoe”F**ked Up from David Comes To Life

“Blacklight Horses”Matt Bauer from The Jessamine County Book of the Living


“Two Matchsticks” – The Wooden Birds from Two Matchsticks

“Satellite”Brute Heart from Lonely Hunter

“Activate!”Atari Teenage Riot from Is This Hyperreal?


“Fragilebird”City and Colour from Little Hell

“Up Up Up”Givers from In Light

“Ice Cream” (featuring Matias Aguayo) – Battles from Gloss Drop

“WoodsThe Rosebuds from Loud Planes Fly Low

“If I Wanted Someone”Dawes from Nothing Is Wrong

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“Everything Must Spin”Ryan Driver from Who’s Breathing?

“No Love”Hooray For Earth from True Loves

“Love or Death”Hospital Ships from Lonely Twin

“Prisoner of Love (featuring Antony Hegarty)”Jessica 6 from See the Light

“There Is No Safe Side But The Side Of Truth”Jóhann Jóhannson from The Miners’ Hymns

“Clutching Stems”Ladybug Transistor from Clutching Stems

“Deceptacon”Le Tigre from Who Took The Bomp? Le Tigre On Tour

“Left Side Rock”Brian Olive from Two of Everything

“Horizon (edit)”Oneida from Absolute II

“Dracula’s Casket”The Poison Control Center from Stranger Ballet

“Grampa Carl” –  The Warped 45s from Matador Sunset

Best New Releases Listing for Week of June 7

Arctic MonkeysSuck It and See
BattlesGloss Drop
Bedouin SoundclashLight the Horizon
Black LipsArabia Mountain
Bruce HornsbyBride of the Noisemakers/Live
City and ColourLittle Hell
Daniel IsaiahHigh Twilight
DawesNothing Is Wrong
Diane SchuurThe Gathering
Duncan SheikCovers 80
EsmerineLa Lechuza
Frank TurnerEngland Keep My Bones
Garland JeffreysThe King of In Between
GiversIn Light
Grayson CappsThe Lost Cause Minstrels
Jill Andrews (The Everbodyfields) – The Mirror
Joe ElySatisfied at Last
Lauren SheraOnce I Was A Bird
Mary BraggTattoos and Bruises
Matthew BarberS/T
Mechanical BrideLiving With Ants (U.K.)
Nick 13 (Tiger Army) – Nick 13
Patrolled By RadarBe Happy
Paul McCartney – McCartney I, II (Expanded)
Paul SimonExpanded Catalog Reissues
Peter Murphy (Bauhaus) – Ninth
Ronnie Dunn – Ronnie Dunn
Sam PhillipsSolid State
Sheryl CrowMiles From Memphis: Live @ The Pantages Theater (DVD)
Sisters 3Coruscate at the Meadow Gate
Sondre LercheSondre Lerche
Tedeschi Trucks BandRevelator
The Farewell DriftersEcho Boom
The Ladybug TransistorClutching Stems
The Rosebuds Loud Planes Fly Low
The Vines – Future Primitive
The Wooden Birds – Two Matchsticks

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  1. I gotta say that the Postelles release is my favorite of the summer! I can’t stop listening to it, the Vaccines is a close second.

  2. “..not really ‘feeling’ the new Arctic Monkeys…” What?! They’ve blossomed into something special, which, truly stands out. The first two Arctic Monkeys albums are fun and catchy but, they don’t come close to having the musical depth of ‘Suck it and See’ (and maybe ‘Humbug,’ but not as much). It took quite a few tries for me to get over my disappointment but now it’s the only album of theirs I can listen straight through without skipping a single track. This recent release is their ‘Village Green.’ People hate on it for not having any “You Really Got Me” type of tracks but they’ll eventually praise it for it’s subtle beauty….and then laugh about how they used to love ‘I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor.’ Give it a few more listens and forget about what you thought the Arctic Monkeys were. This is a very interesting new direction for them and I am sure many more people will embrace it over time. Thanks.

    1. Hey Rob: We understand your points and they are good points. I guess it just depends on your preference – we liked the hard rocking Arctic Monkeys and miss them 🙁

  3. Wow, IRC.. you’re the coolest site I’ve visited… I am definitely hooked!! listening to these great releases made me ask a local station here in Manila, Philippines that they buy these albums and have them played on air! ☺You are definitely love, love and LOVE! ♥

    1. Hey HoneyBuncheeze: Thanks so much! That’s very humbling. Did they play any of the bands? Also, make sure to spend time going through all our playlists – there are hundreds – actually thousands – of free MP3s waiting to jump onto your MP3 player 🙂

  4. Thank God for Indie Rock Cafe. Or I would have to listen to mainstream garbage all the time. I love that not only do you have TONS of music, but I get to listen to most of the songs, and ALL of the song (not just 30 seconds like on Itunes). Awesome possum. This is my favorite place to find new tunes.

    1. Wow Nessy – Thanks for the big shout out and glad that we can share great music (other than that mainstream garbage) with our following around the world – now at 1 million visitors a month!! Stay tuned – so much great stuff in the pipeline. 🙂


  5. Pingback: Artic monkey | Superprotronix
    1. Hey Rick: Yes we did catch that – try again 🙂

      Enjoy, and if you want more and more fantastic music, browse around the site – there are hundreds of playlists with free MP3s – most of which are still available (as opposed to so many site and blogs where the MP3 links expire in just a couple of weeks – so they can save bandwidth and server disk space).


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