Kevin Spacey Serves Cassettes Won’t Listen With Cease and Desist Order; Upcoming Album Title Drops the “K” and Two Free Tracks

Jason Drake, better known as Cassettes Won’t Listen, is not a stranger to cease and desist orders. In 2008, Drake was served with a cease and desist order from the RIAA for his Guns N Roses/Ludacris mashup titled “Ludacris Democracy.” The release matched up the yet-to-be-released Chinese Democracy with Ludacris acapellas. Needless to say, GNR nor RIAA liked the idea. The mashup was removed from the internet, left exclusively to the savviest of internet searchers.

Fast forward three years later, and Drake goes out on a limb again, this time naming his new LP, brand new album titled KEVINSPACEY, to be released June 21st, only to ruffle the feathers of the award-winning actor, who proceeded to file a cease and desist. In an effort to avoid what could turn out to be a costly court case and ruling, Drake decided to rename the album, EVINSPACEY, which is set to drop on June 21st. Here’s are two advanced tracks from the album. Check back later tonight or early tomorrow for a brand new batch of Fresh Tracks.

“Perfect Day” Cassettes Won’t Listen from EVINSPACEY

“The Echoes”Cassettes Won’t Listen from EVINSPACEY

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  1. I love the songs, and I really think that Kevin Spacey behaved like a stupid person! if someone would name an album with my name, I would be honored!
    Qué poco agradecimiento para una persona que se debe a su público! sorry, I had to say it on my language.
    Anyway, Bravo Cassettes won’t listen!!!

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