The Royal Wedding Songs Mix – The Smiths, Sufjan Stevens, Bright Eyes, Kinks, Iron and Wine, Wilco, Beatles, Bjork, Paul McCartney

In a world full of troubles, news and chatter about the Royal Wedding 2011 are useless to most people, but welcomed distractions for millions of others, regardless of the innate elitism, pomp and circumstance – even silliness – of the British royals and their trumped up social events. This coming Friday, Prince William and Kate Middleton will wed at Westminister Abbey in London.  The royal wedding date is set for April 29th. And, you’ll never believe what Will and Kate’s favorite song is – in a million years.

Also, see the royal wedding guest list, plus news with royal wedding coverage, the official royal wedding webcast, royal wedding process map , official royal wedding websites and more.

Apparently the biggest Royal Wedding Twitter hashtag is #rw2011. That is not an insignificant piece of information when you consider that the royal couple of William and Kate announced their engagement to the world via Twitter.

Anyways, we thought it’d be cool to pull together themes – like kings, princes, princesses, queens, royalty, weddings, marriage, love, and so on – to make a royal-sized music mixtape of songs for the royal wedding mania. Afterall, we haven’t seen any other interesting mixtapes for the royal wedding online – just a few mixtapes of ho-hum, predictable songs (“Chapel of Love” or “When A Man Loves A Woman”), mostly in lists that are not even playlists that you can easily listen to it.

So, we thought, we make mixtapes that people seem to like; we’ll do it.  Unlike our other mixes, we’re not splitting up the mix with photos of bands and album covers.  So, now there’s something reliable on the web for people to go to a search engine like Google and search for “royal wedding mixtape” or “royal wedding playlist” or even “alternative wedding songs.”  *

“Kate” Sambassadeur from Coastal Affairs (2006)

“William”Love Like Fire from William (2009)

“This Charming Man”The Smiths from Hatful of Sorrow (1984)

“Woman”John Lennon from Double Fantasy (1980)

“The Dress Looks Nice on You” Sufjan Stevens from Seven Swans (2004)

“The One”Pains of Being Pure at Heart from Heart in Your Heartbreak 7-inch (2010)

“First Day of My Life”Bright Eyes from I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning (2005)

“Love and Some Verses” Iron and Wine from Our Endless Numbered Days (2004)

“Your Song”Elton John from Elton John (1970)

“Almost There” (with Lauren Hillman) – Opus Orange from Opus Orange EP (2010)

“Victoria”The Kinks from Arthur (Or The Decline and Fall of The British Empire) (1969)

“Kate is Great”The Bouncing Souls from Bouncing Souls (1997)

“Padriac My Prince”Bright Eyes from Letting Off The Happiness (1998)

“In The Twinkle of An Eye”Eerie from Eerie EP (2004)

“Friday I’m in Love”The Cure from Wish (1982)

“Country Before Kings”Hallelujah The Hills from Country Before Kings single (2011)

“William It Was Really Nothing”The Smiths from The Sound of The Smiths (1988)

“When I’m 64”The Beatles from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)

“Tar Hani (My Love)” Bombino from Agadez (2011)

“For Kate, I Wait” Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti from The Doldrums (2004)

“Unconditional Love”Tupac from 2Pac’s Greatest Hits (1998)

“Dear Kate”Dynamite Hack from Superfast (2000)

“Celebrate The Days” The Rassle from The Rassle EP (2010)

“God Save The Queen”Sex Pistols from Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols (1977)

“All Is Full of Love” Bjork from Stigmata (2002)

“Kings”Blackbird Blackbird from Summer Heart (2010)

“Love You Madly”Cake from Comfort Eagle (2001)

“Say Yes If You Really Love Me”Acid House Kings from Mondays are like Tuesdays and Tuesdays are like Wednesdays (2006)

“I’m The Man Who Loves You”Wilco from Yankee Foxtrot Hotel (2001)

“Say Yes”Elliott Smith from Either/Or (2000)

“I Do” J. Geils Band from Monkey Island (1977)

“Hoppipolla” Sigur Ros from Takk… (2005)  *

“Forever & Ever Amen” The Drums from The Drums (2010)

“Marriage” Gold Panda from Marriage EP (2011)

“The Marriage” Billy Bragg from Talking With The Taxman About Poetry

“I Really Love You” Paul McCartney **

* The inclusion of this awesome track from the legendary Icelandic band Sigur Ros was suggested in an article on Squidoo, and here’s the video to go with it.

** This is a rare Paul McCartney demo tape – which seems additionally fitting since he’ll be attending the wedding – and of course the song is about love. Afterall, this is the king of silly love songs; he said so himself.  “Really Love You” is a real jam if there ever was one, and as McCartney explains in the intro, he just started out with a simple one-two bass line and became something bigger.

Currently, there is a waiting list on Amazon when the rare vinyl import, Twin Freaks, of which this song (not sure if the same version as above) is from, will be available. Sony has said this will be the last vinyl pressing of the Twin Freaks import.

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View Prince William of Wales official website and Prince William’s official Facebook page. Interestingly, the prince only has a little over 64,000 Facebook fans.

We also found what we think is the real official Kate Middleton Facebook page, but only by searching Google for ‘Catherine Middleton Facebook page’. That page, which really does seem to be the official one, mostly based on it’s customized Facebook web address URL, which is That page has a more believable 35,000 fans/friends. If you search for Kate Middleton Facebook page, you’ll get a link to the Kate Middleton’s ‘Official’ Facebook page, but that page has barely 4,000 fans/friends. Facebook, still a young company, has kinks to work out, that’s for sure.

prince william kate favorite song

Seriously Will and Kate? Your Favorite Song?

According to U.K. Telegraph, the royal couple’s favorite song is “I Like The Way You Move.” Really? Seriously? With all of the amazing music out there, this is the song? That’s what they said. Well, ummm, alright.

The track is by the Australian dance/house duo Bodyrockers, consisting of Dylan Burns and Kaz James. In April of 2005, the song peaked on the U.K. Singles Chart at #3, and later become a top dance charts hit in the U.S. after being featured in a Diet Coke commercial.

People are still talking and joking about this in the cafe; they’re coming up with some funny answers to the lingering question(s) we yearn to ask the royal couple about their favorite song. For example: “If you will please, Prince William and Kate, tell us the story behind why you chose ‘I Like The Way You More’ as your official favorite song? What is it about this rather insignificant, and not very good, song that makes you pick it above all of the other great songs to choose from. Is there some special moment tied to that song, and that’s why? Was it something that was always the case, or just what you came up with because you were not ready for the question and couldn’t think of anything else? Do you want to change your answer?”

We’re dying to ask those questions, but we doubt Kate and Will are going to talk to us now because we’re making fun of them. British royals are fun to make fun of. We’re Americans for Pete’s sake, so naturally, it’s a joy to poke fun at British royalty. But still, the song. The song.  Anyways, here it is, by the ‘Bodyrockers’. OMG. LOL.

“I Like The Way You Move”The Bodyrockers

How We Approached Creating a Royal Wedding Mixtape

The songs we looked for, sifted through, listened to again and again, and ultimately picked for this week’s S-25 mix are not intended at all to be literal or autobiographical of either William or Kate; it’s just a mix of songs we like that kind of fit the over-arching theme of the royal wedding. We broke the presumed 25-song limit (again) because we didn’t want to cut out any more of the songs we ultimately picked for inclusion in this mix.

Plus, we’re not trying to be formal or appropriate either – that’s up the folks at the palace; this is just an experiment in mix-taping, nothing more. While the songs are obviously not literal, they are meant to tell a story altogether, and with some free-roaming imagination. Essentially, it’s just another opportunity to share music we love with you, and which is not restricted to indie rock, both of which are what we love about the weekly Sunday Mix.

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  1. Ashton Lane’s (Primrose Hill) has that cinematic,outdoor vibe of a true wedding/love song. Set near the famous Abby Road,and in the most royal place of all, in the hearts of all true lovers.

  2. I can’t believe anyone other than Bodyrockers family & friends like THAT version of “I Like The Way You Move”. Maybe they meant the song by Outkast?

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  4. epic post,

    and i don’t throw the epic word around much, i’m truly impressed. on my blog i go for the themed posts as well, but you’ve set quite the bar with this one

    1. Hello Pomo:

      Well thanks for the compliment. A lot of research and thought went into that mix. Of course, it’s only a representation – there are dozens of other songs we could have included, and potentially hundreds of other songs that would have been great for the mix. We didn’t want to go with any of the cliches, and don’t intend for it to be truly representative – esp. literally – of the event itself. Glad you enjoyed it.


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