Best New Releases – Times New Viking, Painted Palms, Of Montreal, Golden Dogs, The Globes, Girls Names, Ezra Koenig

The band Times New Viking dropped a new LP this week

Today’s mix is a really interesting and impressive assortment of fantastic singles from new releases out this week that we’ve put together as part of the weekly Best New Releases mix tape series. There’s such a wonderful variety of known, but mainly relatively obscure, bands and artists with new releases this week. We think you might just see what we mean by first streaming this entire playlist mix uninterrupted (by clicking on the first song and letting the auto Y! Player run).

Among our favorite releases this week are new EPs and LPs from bands like Times New Viking, Painted Palms, Of Montreal, David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights, Matt Pond PA, Julian Lynch, Should, An Horse, Antony and the Johnsons, and many others listed throughout this post. We’re especially interested by the rising status of the relatively new electro-pop/chillwave/Panda Bear-sounding band Painted Palms. They are definitely one of our Bands to Watch in 2011. There are a few other bands in today’s mix that are at the very least blips on our music radar screens, including bands like Should.

“Ever Falling In Love”Times New Viking from Dancer Equired

“Black Lion Massacre” Of Montreal from thecontrollersphere

“Sex Karma”Of Montreal from thecontrollersphere

Panited Palms' Canopy EP cover

“All of Us” Painted Palms from Canopy EP

Double-shot (via IGuessImFloating) –“Canopy”Painted Trees from Canopy EP

“Cheap Umbrellas”The Golden Dogs from Coat of Arms *

* Check back tomorrow – we will be featuring The Golden Dogs as one of our ten favorite new, or new-to-us,  relatively unknown artists and bands for the In Dee Mail series. This series is specific to highlighting usually obscure artists and bands who send us music and other details using our submission form. We really like this band, and we think you’ll also like the other nine artists as well, including Rec Centre, Smoke and Feathers, Me and Joan Collins, and others.

“Diamond Mine”David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights from Left By Soft

“Love To Get Used”Matt Pond PA from Spring Fools EP

“Trains and Tracks”An Horse from Walls

“Terra”Julian Lynch from Terra

Note: Album title links are clickable to make it easy to purchase an album and get the MP3s, plus free storage on the Amazon cloud. We use Amazon because they have the best prices, are easiest to use, and have many extra services like the cloud.

Seattle's The Globes are a rising indie band; Photo by Ben Blood via SoundOnTheSound

Also this week are plenty of notable debut releases, including the long awaited debut album from Seattle indie rockers The Globes, and check out the new single (via Altered Zones) from Belfast lo-fi, shoegaze rock trio Girls Names, who dropped their debut album this week. And the interesting music duo, Thao & Mirah, featuring Thao Nguyen of the Get Down Stay Down and pop artist Mirah, have an album out this week as well.

“Stay Awake” The Globes from Future Songs

“Seance On A Wet Afternoon”Girls Names from Dead to Me

“How Dare You”Thao & Mirah from Thao & Mirah

The more you dig into this week’s new releases, the more you find plenty of notable releases from new and DIY bands this week. Dag for Dag are getting buzz from their hot single from the new album, BOO, followed by Jookabox, Jason Forrest, Police Teeth, The Bynars, and Explosions in the Sky. Another great block of rock.

“I Am the Assassin”Dag för Dag from BOO

“Drops”Jookabox from The Eyes Of The Fly

“Raunchy”Jason Forrest from The Everything

“Who Wants to F*ck a Millionaire” Police Teeth from Awesomer Than The Devil

“How Does It Feel to Be in Love” The Bynars from Today is Your Day

“Postcard From 1952” (Live, Pittsburgh 4/8/11) – Explosions in the Sky from Take Care

Get Other EITS fresh tracks:
“Trembling Hands” – Explosions In The Sky
“Let Me Back In” – Explosions In The Sky

The Fresh and Onlys are a great studio and live band

The Fresh & Onlys, Fu*ked Up, Ezra Koenig, M.T. Bearington

Here are new singles from The Fresh & Onlys’ latest EP, Fu*ked Up‘s new album, David Comes to Life, plus a Paul Simon cover song from Vampire Weekend‘s lead vocalist and guitarist Ezra Koenig, a great track, “Dark Night,” from an artist that is new-to-us, M.T. Bearington.

“Do You Believe in Destiny”The Fresh & Onlys from Secret Walls EP

“Papa Hobo” (Paul Simon Cover)Erza Koenig from the Ceremony soundtrack – see film trailer.

“Dark Night” M.T. Bearington from Love Buttons

Kingston and Young God Pair Up; Great Singers and Songwriters; New LP from Poly Styrene (RIP) Day After She Passes Away

Producers Kingston and Young God, aka, Blue Sky Black Death, return with a new album of hip hop and instrumental music. Plus, check out the double-header of new singles from terrific folk singer songwriters Cass McCombs and Chris Bathgate, and Seattle indie duo Thousands. The former X-Ray Spex lead singer, Poly Styrene, sadly passed away from cancer on Monday, the day before her solo, self-titled debut album was released.

“And Stars Ringed” – Blue Sky Black Death from Noir

“County Line”Cass McCombs from Wit’s End

Double-shot: “Dreams Come True Girl”Cass McCombs from Catacombs (2009)

“No Silver”Chris Bathgate from Salt Year

* Songs from via Potholes in my Blog, ThanksCaptainObvious, PrettyGoesWithPretty


The Donkeys’ Release Debut LP with Sweet Lead Single; Baltimore Band Should and Others

Ya know, it takes some donkey-sized balls to decide on naming your band The Donkeys. Others would say it has nothing to do with bravery. Seriously, such a name is an open invitation to endless ridicule and jokes, not exactly easy for publicists and marketers to plug the band, but some others would say it’s good just for that reason. Well, alright. But, at the end of the day, most people could give a sh)t what a band’s name is – if they’re good, genuine and have something important to contribute – that’s really all that is important, especially to their most loyal fans. Based just on this single from their new album (and the Soundcloud link too), all we can say is that we are interested to hear more from this band.

“Don’t Know Who We Are” is a chill, lofty track with a neat little rhythm and melody to it that begs for subsequent spins. Sounds like some influences here are Modest Mouse, Sonic Youth and a bit of Pavement. We really dig this track, and can’t wait to listen to the rest of it. Don’t be surprised to hear more about The Donkeys in the future, because we think they’re going to prove to be more than just typical jackasses.

“Don’t Know Who We Are”The Donkeys from Born With Stripes (exclusive version)

Stream Born With Stripes (we’re spinning it next) via Spinner.


The Baltimore indie band Should dropped their first album in 13 years this week, titled Like A Fire Without Sound. As a gesture to fans, and those who’ve never heard of them before, the band has offered two spectacular free tracks for download via their Band Camp page.  The first song, “Turned Tables,” left us a bit awe-struck with its melodic, dreamy pop and gorgeous vocals.   mellow second track, “Glasshouses,” is not as engaging, but still a great song dripping with melody and romanticism. Keep an ear out for this band

“Turned Tables”Should from Like A Fire Without Sound

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