Recent Releases We Almost Missed, Vol. XII: Frankie Rose and The Outs, Bearhug, Baths, A Lull, The Lucky Ones, We Need Surgery

It’s hard to believe we’re already on Vol. XII of the Almost Missed mix series. For those of you not familiar with this particular series, it includes singles we really like from recent released albums that for one reason or another we didn’t feature when they were originally released. This is our way of catching up, and sharing with you songs we really like that we don’t want to totally miss sharing with you.

As another year zooms by at a surreal pace, there will be less of Almost Missed mixes, and more ‘Best of 2010’ mixes and special features, not to mention new music that is already coming in for 2011. Hopefully, you will find some artists and bands in this mix that you never heard before, but that you like enough to do some of your own research online to find out more about.

“Little Brown Haired Girls”Frankie Rose and The Outs from s/t debut – Sept. 21st

“Hall”Baths from Cerulean – June 22nd

“Grapefruit”Bearhug from To Anything – June 25th

“Fiery Stars” Bearhug from To Anything

“Go Go Go!”We Need Surgery from We Need Surgery – June 12th

“Weapons for War”A Lull from 7′ single – Aug. 18th

“Bullets” Wilson’s Reservoir from Wilson’s Reservoir – June 29th

“Unglued”Arthur Nasson from Echo Garden – July 20th

“Get Found” Bass Drum of Death from High School Roaches – May 7th

“The Echo Will Fade”Doug Keith from The Lucky Ones – May 18th

“The Golden Age” Go Rydell from The Golden Age – June 22nd

“Don’t Drink Nothing But Corn” –  The Black Twig Pickers from s/t – Sept. 21st

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