Best Rarely Heard Songs from Kinisi, The Spruce Campbells, Little Gold, Household Names, Skeletons With Flesh On Them, Drag City

We’re playing catch up; there’s a bunch of great music that has been piling up that you need to hear. Please excuse us for not providing more details and reviews of these songs. Afterall, the music – as it always does – speaks for itself. Tell us what you like and don’t like.

This first song we want to share with you today is from the unsigned duo from Atlanta, Georgia, Kinisi, Greek for “movement”. We just dig the organic beauty of the dream pop gem “Beach Frogs”.  Kinisi is the creative project of Speros Constantine Kokenes, with contributions from folk singer-songwriter Maxwell Dale Creagh Roll.

Kokenes and Roll first met in a high school guitar class when they were paired up on a piece of classical music. While rivals of sorts at first, they have since collaborated on numerous projects.

The result are wide arrangements of electric guitars and pseudorhythmic electronic beats that flow across genres. While Kokenes’ musical influences include Radiohead and Elliott Smith, there’s something about this music that reminds us more of American Analog Set.

Cleveland, Ohio band The Spruce Campbells sent us in some songs, as did Little Gold, Skeletons With Flesh On Them, Drag City, My Pet Dragon and one unknown artist.

“Beach Frogs”Kinisi

“This Man Lives” Kinisi

“More O’s” The Spruce Campbells

“Completely F**ked”Little Gold

“Driving to LA” Household Names

“All the Other Animals”Skeletons With Flesh On Them

“Spur Mr. Creep”Drag City

“Lover in Hiding” My Pet Dragon

“Raincloud”Artist Unknown

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  1. The song you labeled “Spur Mr. Creep” is actually a re-release of a pretty old song. The name of the song is “Mr. Creep” and the name of the band is Spur. It was recorded in the late 60s’ or early 70s’ and is being re-released by the label Drag City. Great song and great list as well.

    1. Hey Andrew: Thanks for pointing that out. We appreciate each and every time someone spots an error and takes the time to let us know about it. We’re always working to improve. Glad that you enjoyed the mix. More ‘rarities’ are in the pipeline.


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