In Dee Mail 2010, Vol. V: People On The Moon, The KABBs, Non-Commissioned Officers, Skytone, Kate Martin

In Dee Mail playlists have been one of the most popular features of Indie Rock Cafe for a couple of years now. The series has uncovered an amazing array of talented artists and bands from across the United States, and throughout the world. They are singer and songwriters, shoegaze rock bands, indie orchestra pop collectives, and one man glo-fi introverts with a MacBook and cheap gear.

So far this year, we’ve had SO many great songs sent to us by artists and bands that most people have never heard of, but we’ve also fallen a bit behind. The tremendous amount of work that goes into reviewing dozens and dozens of submissions to pick the best few from each lot is time-consuming, but rewarding. We do our best to keep up with all of the submissions, but it’s time to play some catch up.

Over the next few weeks, there will be a number of In Dee Mail Special Edition posts. Chances are most of the music you hear in these posts you will not hear anywhere else. We also encourage you to click on the In Dee Mail category link above to listen to and download past mixes in this series; full of great songs from bands you’ve probably never heard of.

Crank up the grit and get ready to rock with this freakish mix of Black Sabbath and The White Stripes from Chico, California rock band People on the Moon. The band definitely got our attention with this track, and we’ve spun it already probably half a dozen times. Home-grown, psychedelic  garage rock, tinged with Rush-era keys, is a rare species these days on indie rock blogs and websites. The only issue with have with this band is the name; it doesn’t really match the style of the music.

“Falls”People On The Moon


San Diego’s The KABBs spit bluesy lyrics as a steady romp and angling guitar chords simmer along side a thumping bass. We’ve got them officially on radar now as another band to watch, among so many others. Now let’s see them catch a little fire from all of you out there with the ears for what works and doesn’t.

“Golden and Blue”The KABBs

“Down This Road”The KABBs

Non-Commissioned Officers

Non-Commissioned Officers first came to our attention after we featured the impressive indie rock band The Vermicious K’nids – the latter of was a Band to Watch in February; and which was a big hit with all of you at the time. And for good reason – they rock!  Some of the band members from VK also play hooky with The Non-Commissioned Officers, and they went ahead and sent a couple of tracks that we have to share with you.

“Just North”Non-Commissioned Officers

“Love Will Conquer All” Non-Commissioned Officers


A couple of months ago, we featured a couple of songs from the band Stockholm and they received a positive response from IRC readers and visitors.  Spirited and upbeat, almost epic, perfectly timed transitions, the seedlings of a band to keep an eye and ear out for, even if they do sound a bit too Billboard, teeny bopper oriented.

“Bad By Design” Stockholm

Kate Martin

Set worlds apart from the grit and naughtiness of the first artists in this mix, Kate Martin is the refreshing anti-thesis, with her sweet, well-honed vocals, and nice girl folk pop persona. But there’s a not-so-innocent story here.

“Lua” Kate Martin

River City Extension

OK, so, we’re going to switch gears again here, and take a trip down to New Jersey? (yes) to hear the spirited, full-throttle countryish folk rock with horns on the track “Friends and Family” from a band making a big splash in our little Conor Oberst greets the Avett Brothers pond. For those of you who are really up on their music, you may have seen this band opening at one time for bands from CAKE to Gogol Bordello, and Floggy Molly to Manchester Orchestra.

“Friends and Family”River City Extension


This next band brings us back to childhood days of AM pop rock radio. Make us feel shinny, happy and warm. This is a high-octane, sugary summer song that sounds like Seals and Crofts on Planet Cheeky Clean. But, admit it, we all have a little bit of sap in our blood. And, to boot, it has such a charm of unity and love. The band, Skytone, sound like pros, and regardless of this track’s squikie sweet blissfulness, are sure to make some fans among our loyal readers.

“We Are One”Skytone

Backball False, Truth

The following songs are the work of one guy from New York City with the unusual name moniker, Backball False, Truth! We included both the songs he sent in; yet another one man band that impresses us (by the way, we have another installment of One Man Bands coming soon).

“De Rigueur”Backball, False, Truth!

“We Will Be Realized”Backball, False, Truth!

And, others that we simply don’t have time to write about. But the music speaks for itself.

“Cruise That Voice” James Melaugh

“BMX”City of Satellites

“Cabin in the Woods” –  Alarma Man

“Drinking Song”Loveseat

“Machines” Cousin Dud

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  1. Hey, uh, I know this article is a bit old and I’m late for saying this, but the track you have labeled “Cruise That Voice” by James Melaugh is actually called “Cruise” and it’s by Clip Stamp Fold. I don’t if you guys got it wrong or it was submitted with the wrong labeling or maybe that was the song name and artist at the time it was submitted, but I just thought I’d let you guys know.

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