Best New Releases from Ra Ra Riot, Eels, No Age, Abner Trio, Magic Kids, The Torches, Dead Confederate, !!!, Foxymorons + a Chill Mix

As summer winds down, this last week of August brings with it a truck load of great new releases, and free and legal MP3s, from a virtual crop of new LPs, EPs, and singles from artists and bands like Ra Ra Riot (#1 in Amazon), Eels, No Age,  Abner Trio, !!!, Dead Confederate, The Torches, Magic Kids, The Foxymorons, Capstan Shafts, Brad Laner, Dan Mangan, Neil Nathan, New Ideal Society, Pale Sketcher, Atlantic at Pacific, Coil Sea, Bill Baird, James Blackshaw, Capstan Shafts and others.

“Boy”Ra Ra Riot from The Orchard

“Glitter” No Age from Glitter

“Run from The Gun” – Dead Confederate from Sugar (stream)

“Spectacular Girl” Eels from Tomorrow Morning

“Future Thunder” The Dashing Suns from Really Like You

“Thank You For Your Love”Antony And The Johnsons from Thank You Your Love EP

“Somehow Keep It Going” Cotton Jones from Tall Hours in the Glowstream

“You’re Gorgeous, Believe It!” Abner Trio from The Giant Crushes You

“AM/FM” !!! from Strange Weather Isn’t It?

“Mr. Vampire”The Torches from The Torches

“Superball”Magic Kids from Memphis

Bonus: “Summer” Magic Kids from Memphis

“Automobile” The Fumes from from s/t debut

“Skinny Cow Blues”The Foxymorons from Bible Stories

“Eyes Close”Brad Laner from Natural Selections

“Heart Your Eat Out” Capstan Shafts from Revelation Skirts

“Road Regrets” Dan Mangan from Nice, Nice, Very Nice

“Let’s Get Out of Here”Les Savy Fav from Root for Ruin

“California Run”Neil Nathan from The Distance Calls

“Disappearing” New Idea Society from Somehow Disappearing

“Eyes Close” Brad Laner from Natural Selections

New Songs That Are Chill

“Cloud Breath” Bill Baird from Silence

“Part 7 (edit)”James Blackshaw from All Is Falling

“Plans That Fade”Pale Sketcher from Jesu: Pale Sketches Demixed

“Lattice of AUM”Coil Sea from Coil Sea

“Weddings” Atlantic at Pacific from Weddings

“In The Stream” S. Carey from All We Grow

“Unseen TicketImbogodom from Unseen Ticket

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  1. the song “eyes close” from “brad laner” has two entries guys….but anyway….i love the songs “boy” from “ra ra riot” and “california run” from “neil nathan”….thank you for posting them


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