Best New Releases: The Drums, The Get Up Kids, Active Child, The Futureheads, The Melvins, Born Ruffians, Elk City, Big Tree

This week’s best new releases includes two new songs from the debut LP of the wildly popular band, The Drums. The LP will not be officially released in the U.S. until June 15th, but officially dropped in the UK on May 31st. Looking very forward to hearing the entire LP. Also, among this week’s best new releases includes the first album from The Get Up Kids in six years, plus fresh tracks from Active Child, Teenage Fanclub, The Futureheads,  Born Ruffians, The Melvins, Elk City, Big Tree, Television Personalities, Coltrane Motion, Hooray for Earth, Woodsman.

“Forever & Ever Amen”The Drums from May 31st UK release; June 12 in US – Preorder vinyl

“It Will All End in Tears”The Drums from May 31st UK release; June 12 in US – Preorder vinyl

You can get a free MP3 of “It Will All End in Tears” from The Drums official website, and the official music video for the single “Forever & Ever Amen”. Pre-order The Drums’ debut, self-titled LP digitally on iTunes, or digitally, on vinyl or CD from Amazon or CD Baby.

The Drums on MySpace

There is also a lot of buzz around a remix of the terrific new Drums’ track from Saint Etienne.

“Forever & Ever Amen” (Saint Etienne Remix) The Drums

“Keith Case”The Get Up Kids from Simple Science

The Get Up Kids on MySpace

“Wilderness”Active Child from Curtis Lane EP or on  limited edition 10″ white vinyl

Active Child on MySpace

“Struck Dumb”The Futureheads from The Chaos

The Futureheads official website

“Baby Lee”Teenage Fanclub from Shadows

Teenage Fanclub official website

“The Water Glass” – The Melvins from The Bride Screamed Murder

The Melvins on MySpace

“Oh Man”Born Ruffians from Say It

Stream Say It album

Born Ruffians on MySpace

“Us vs. Them”Common Prayer from There is a Mountain

Common Prayer on MySpace

“Jerks on Ice”Elk City from House of Tongues

Elk City on MySpace

“Young Men Are Easy Prey”Unbunny from Moon Food

Unbunny on MySpace

“The Concurrence of All Things” Big Tree from Home EP

Big Tree on MySpace

“I Forgot There Was a War on” Coltrane Motion from Hello Ambition!

Coltrane Motion on MySpace

“Surrounded By Your Friends” Hooray for Earth from Momo EP

Hooray for Earth on MySpace

“When the Morning Comes” Woodsman – Mystery Tape EP

Woodsman on MySpace

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