Summer 2010 Mixtape, Vol. I: The Drums, Surfer Blood, Local Natives, Arcade Fire, Radiohead, MGMT, Beach House


While summer does not technically begin until mid-June, it has become something of an American tradition that Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of summer time. And perfect timing for folks on the west coast, where it has been an unusually cool, cloudy and rainy spring.

Now that Memorial Day weekend has arrived, it’s time to begin rolling out the summer mixtapes, and the good thing is, there’s a lot of terrific new music that has come out so far in 2010. And these mixtapes also give us an opportunity to share other great ‘summer’ style music with you not restricted to just ‘indie rock’.

“Let’s Go Surfing”The Drums

“Swim” Surfer Blood

“Dynomania”The Vermicious K’nids

“Month of May” Arcade Fire

“Nothing But Time” Opus Orange

“Sun Hands”Local Natives

“Hustle and Cuss” The Dead Weather

“Six Royal Vipers” – Tobacco

“My Blue Angles” – Jon Lindsay

“Spirit in the Sky” – Norman Greenbaum

“New Noise”Jaill

“Sloop John B”The Beach Boys

“New Slang” – The Shins

“Ambling Alp”Yeasayer

“You Were Young”Yes Giantess

“Eyes of Light” Awesome Color

“Paranoid Android” – Radiohead

“Celebrate The Days” The Rassle

“Razor Blade” – The Strokes

“Dream City”Free Energy

“Born Slippy” – Underworld

“Too Young To Burn”Sonny and the Sunsets

“Time to Pretend”MGMT

“The Cutter”Echo and the Bunnymen

“What A Drag”Bear Hands

“D is for Dangerous” – The Arctic Monkeys

“Life Coach”Fang Island

“Band on the Run” – The Wings

“Walk In The Park” Beach House

“Rocks Off” – The Rolling Stones

“I’m In Love with a Girl”Big Star

“Blinded By The Light” – Manfred Mann

“Swim Until You Can’t See Land”Frightened Rabbit

“So Long Sundays”The Sun

“Baba O’Riley” – The Who

“World Sick”Broken Social Scene

“Strangers” – The Kinks

Wow, that’s a lot of songs! I know!

Stay tuned, Summer 2010 Mix No. 2 will be coming soon. You can also listen to other great summertime playlist mixtapes with dozens of dozens of free MP3s for your own playlist mixes.

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    1. Hi Sarah: There are ways to download all the tracks at once but we prefer if people don’t try to do that – it slows down the performance of the site for everyone else.

      So, yes, one at a time, and there are good reasons for that. If we allowed for downloading all the tracks at once, the site would crash.

      Remember to support the bands you like.

  1. awesome mixtapes!!! thank you very much. is there anyway to dL the entire playlist all at once rather than per song? thx again

    1. Hey David: We use a plugin for Firefox called FlashGot. I’m sure there are other such programs out there as well.

      If anyone wants to zip up any of the playlists and put them online somewhere – we will make the announcement for you .


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    1. Awesome – thanks for the shout-out. Remember, there are six other mixes of summer songs in 2010, with one more coming this weekend (Labor Day wkend).

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  6. This is sick!!!
    <3 Arctic Monkeys!
    D is for Dangerous is awesome, but i still like Dangerous Animals and Crying Lightning better

    This comp is just so aweosome!

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