Recent Releases We Almost Missed, Vol. V: The Library Is On Fire, Son Lux, The Ambience Affair, Japanther, Yawn, Kikipau

When we first heard the track below, who do you think we thought of right away?

“Vanessa’s Theater of Peace” – The Library is on Fire from Magic Windows, Magic Nights

Yes! And so we Google’d and everything else to see if it was possible that Doug Martsch had formed a new band project, or perhaps was singing lead vocals on The Library Is On Fire‘s track, “Vanessa’s Theater of Peace.” But, it’s not him.

The Martsch and BTS aspects of The Library Is On Fire do crop up from time to time on Magic Windows, Magic Nights. The 15-track album, produced by Todd Tobias, the producer for Guided By Voices, has a good handful of strong tracks, including the songs featured here, but the LP’s high points are somewhat dragged down by the number of so-so and not-so-good tracks. They could have easily cut out more than a few of the 15 songs to make the album more streamlined and stronger. At least that’s how we would have done it – nevertheless, promising band; good album.

“Magic Bumrush”The Library Is On Fire from Magic Windows, Magic Nights
The Library Is on Fire on MySpace

Next up are familiar bands like such as Son Lux, The Ambience Affair, and Japanther, plus a selected assortment of new-to-me artists and bands like Yawn, Awesome, Daisy Cutter, Cruel Black Dove, Julian Barwick, Voicesvoices, Kikipau, Germany Germany, Tenlons Fort, and Happy Ending.

“Weapons V”Son Lux from Weapons EP – Feb. 16th
Son Lux on MySpace

“None’s Listening”Japanther from Rock N Roll Ice Cream – March 2nd

Japanther on MySpace

“Lost at the Start”The Ambience Affair from Patterns EP – Feb. 26th

“Devil in the Detail” – The Ambience Affair from PatternsThe Ambience Affair on MySpace

“Sore Knees” Daisy Cutter from M.O.A.B. – Feb 12th
Daisy Cutter on MySpace

“Isolation”Cruel Black Dove from The Myth and the Sum EP – Jan. 12th
Cruel Black Dove on MySpace

“You’re A Vision”Gold Sounds from Home Schooled EP – March 2rd

“Kind of Guy” Yawn from Yawn EP – March 30th

“Monsters Lair” In Tall Buildings from s/t debut – April 6th

“Electro Love”Germany, Germany from Electrolove – March 28th

“Out From Under”Voicesvoices from Origins – Jan. 25th

“An Old Song”
Kikipau from White Mountain – March 22nd

“You Won’t Be With Me”
Tenlons Fort from Shelters – March 3rd

“It Barely Makes a Sound”
Happy Ending from Turn It On – March 23rd

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  1. Thanks to Jared and Anonymous for the research on that song – will make the edit. Also thanks to Jon for the shout out – we are always trying to make only the best playlist mixes – no filler or just-because-it's-popular crap here. 🙂

  2. Wow, crazy good post! I don't think I have found this much good music on one site in forever, thank you!

    And great call on the BTS/Library comparison, first thing I thought of too!

    Thanks again!!!

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