Recent Releases We Almost Missed, Vol. IV: Holly Golightly, Motion Turns It On, Ruby Suns, Josiah Wolf, Happy Birthday and More

Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s(NYTimes)

Every week, via the regular Best New Releases series, we do our best to make it easy, reliable and convenient to listen to, and download, songs from the best new releases. That’s why we thought it would be cool to also launch a regular playlist mix series that features great music that was – for one reason or another – not included in the regular best new releases playlist series.

Today’s installment starts with Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs‘ new album, Medicine County, and the track, “Forget It,” which sounds like a perfect lead song for a Quentin Tarantino movie soundtrack. The album cover doesn’t match the song’s (nevermind the album’s) haunting, bluesy sound. Also, Motion Turns It On‘s new album, Kaleidoscopic Equinox, available via Chocolate Lab Records in late 2009, was officially released in February. Plus, check out songs you might have missed from The Ruby Suns, Josiah Wolf, Dinosaur Feathers, Giant Cloud, Happy Birthday, Bradley, and Saintseneca.

“Forget It” Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs from Medicine County – March 14th

“Give Up The Ghosts” Motion Turns it On from Kaleidoscopic Equinox – Feb. 16th
Motion Turns It On on MySpace

“Closet Astrologer” The Ruby Suns from Flight Softly – March 2nd
The Ruby Suns on MySpace

“Master Cleanse (California)”Josiah Wolf from Jet Lag – March 2rd
Josiah Wolf on MySpace

“History Lessons”Dinosaur Feathers from Fantasy Memorial – Feb. 19th
Dinosaur Feathers on MySpace

“Old Soul” Giant Cloud from Old Books EP – January 19th
Giant Cloud on MySpace

“Subliminal Message”Happy Birthday from Happy Birthday – March 19th
Happy Birthday on MySpace

“Your Money”Bradley from Mountain Tiger Wolf – March 2nd
Bradley’s official website

“Grey Flag” Saintseneca from Grey Flag EP – March 30th
Saintseneca on MySpace

Official video for “Flash Delirium” from MGMT’s Congratulations LP, out next week
So Much Great Music in the Pipeline: Stay Tuned to IRC

Stay tuned, we still have bunches and bunches of new songs and mixes coming soon, including amazing tracks from artists and bands most people have never heard of – but we promise, that is not a reflection of the music itself. In fact, a lot of the best music that comes out every year is rarely heard by ‘the public at-large,’ if you will. We’ll never know why that’s the case, but we know we’d like to keep it that way. Why? Because once “everyone” else knows about a band – i.e., Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend, etc. – it somehow makes the music itself less special.

Coming up: Bands to Watch, One Man Bands, Best New Releases (week of April 12), In Dee Mail songs, Guide to Music Festivals of 2010, Coachella 2010 Preview, Singer and Songwriter Spotlight Series, Record Store Day mix, and a new installment of Ears To The Music (one of 2009’s most popular playlist series on IRC). You can view any of the regular series – containing hundreds of awesome MP3s, by clicking on the highlighted playlist mixes above.

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  1. "Because once "everyone" else knows about a band – i.e., Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend, etc. – it somehow makes the music itself less special."

    I really don't understand why people seem to not be able to enjoy music once it has become popular.

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