Names in Songs, Mix II: Freelance Whales, Conor Oberst, The Kinks, Animal Collective, The Border Cops, The Fratellis, The Dodos

Song titles that include names in them are nothing new; there are literally thousands of such songs that span the history of music. This playlist focuses on mostly indie rock songs that fall into this category. This is the second Names in Songs mix (see Mix One featuring Throw Me The Statue, M83, Deastro and more).

The opening track in this latest mix is from Freelance Whales, one of the biggest “buzz” bands of the second half of 2009. In fact, Freelance Whales kick off a five-week tour with Fanfarlo tonight at Moe’s in Englewood, Colorado.

This mix also includes sweet tracks from Loney Dear, The Kinks, The Border Cops, Conor Oberst, Animal Collective, Yo La Tengo, The Fratellis, Gordie Tentrees, Red House Painters, The Dodos, Sunfold, Apples in Stereo and a double-shot from Travis.

“Hannah” Freelance Whales from Weathervane (2009)

“Danny Callahan” Conor Oberst from s/t debut (2008)

“Wicked Anabella”The Kinks from The Village Green Preservation Society (1968)

“Derek”Animal Collective from Strawberry Jam (2007)

“Allie & Donnie”The Border Cops from Musical Beatings for Your Inner Metrosexual (2007)

“I Am John”Loney Dear from Loney, Noir (2005)

“Madeline” Yo La Tengo from And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out (2000)

“My Friend John”The Fratellis from Here We Stand (2008)

“Alfred”Gordie Tentrees from Mercy Or Sin (2009)

“Find Me, Ruben Olivares”Red House Painters from Shanti Project Collection (1999)

“Jodi” The Dodos from Visiter (2008)

“Sara The American Winter”Sunfold from Toy Tugboats (2008)

“Stephen Stephen”Apples in Stereo from Stephen Stephen (2006)

“Sarah”Travis from J. Smith (2008)
Double-shot: “J. Smith”Travis from J. Smith (2008)

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