Indie Cover Songs, Vol. V: The Fall, Ruby Weapon, Radiohead, Broken Social Scene, Dr. Dog & Band of Horses

This cover song mix kicks off with a cover of the klassic Kinks’ song, “Victoria” by the amazing UK post punk band, The Fall. The original is just another example that demonstrates the genius songwriting of The Kinks’ Ray Davies, and the talent of the band has one of the greatest bands in the history of rock (which was only fully realized in the past two decades).

Check back in a few weeks because we’re going to publish a playlist of cover songs of The Kinks’ songs from artists and bands like Stereophonics, Of Montreal, Frank Black, Elvis Costello, Sonic Youth, The Jam and more.

Also featured in this mix is a fantastic cover by Ruby Weapon of Grizzly Bear’s “Two Weeks,” plus cover songs from Radiohead, Broken Social Scene, Au Revoir Simone, Band of Horses, Pennywise, Dr. Dog, Venice is Sinking, and Her Space Holiday. Thanks to CaptainObvious and CoverMeSongs blogs for some of these musical rarities.

“Victoria” (The Kinks) – The Fall
Original: “Victoria”The Kinks

“Two Weeks” (Grizzly Bear) – Ruby Weapon

“The Rip” (Portishead) – Radiohead

“Love Will Tear Us Apart” (Joy Division) – Broken Social Scene

“Oh You Pretty Things” (David Bowie) – Au Revoir Simone

“Your Love Is Forever” (George Harrison) – Band of Horses

“We’re Gonna Fight” (7 Seconds) – Pennywise

“Heart It Races” (Architecture in Helsinki) – Dr. Dog

“Compass” (Okay) – Venice is Sinking

“I’ll Believe In Anything” (Wolf Parade) – Her Space Holiday

Listen to all the Cover Songs playlist mixes.

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