Halloween Indie Rock Songs, Vol. IV: Evangelicals, Franz Ferdinand, Interpol, Beck, Islands, Ramones, REM, Animal Collective, Misfits


Well, we’re still recovering from a huge storm that belted the Santa Cruz mountains and dumped over eight inches of rain in 30 hours, knocking out power for most of that time and causing a mess with flooding and accidents on the mountain roads.

In continuing on with building the definitive collection of Halloween indie rock songs, this latest Halloweenish playlist includes great songs from Evangelicals (video), Franz Ferdinand, Interpol, Animal Collective, Beck, The Ramones, REM, Islands, Manchester Orchestra, The Low Anthem, Git, Rainbow Arabia, The Clientele and The Misfits.

“Skeleton Man” Evangelicals

“I’m Your Villian”Franz Ferdinand


“Vampire Voltage”Beck

“Pet Semetary”The Ramones

“Creeper” Islands

“Wolves At Night”Manchester Orchestra

“Bless Your Tombstone Heart”The Low Anthem

“Haunted Hall”Rainbow Arabia

“Here Comes The Phantom”The Clientele

Extra Treat: “Astro Zombies”Misfits

“Cobwebs”Animal Collective

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