Ears To The Music, Vol. II – The Flaming Lips, White Lies, Good Night States, Sea Wolf, A.A. Bondy & More

The Flaming Lips are back with three new songs from their upcoming album release, Embryonic . Of the three new songs on the band’s digital EP, Songs from the Future Album ‘Embryonic‘ (EP cover art above), “Silver Trembling Hands,” is the most Lips-ish, if you will; it’s a weird and twisted song about the strange antics of a woman – a theme that has been at the core of some of the band’s best known hits.

The lyrics, “She puts diamonds on her forehead/ They remind her how the animals and trees and insects call,” are likely to be interpreted in who knows how many different ways by fans.

The other two tracks on the EP, “Convinced of the Hex” and “The Impulse” are available for streaming on The Flaming Lips MySpace page. The EP is available for purchase on iTunes, and the album will be available on October 13th. Pitchfork is also offering a stream of an even newer track, “See The Leaves,” which it says has a “queasy krautrock beat, squirmy noise solos” and an “extended organ-vamp coda.”

Pitchfork is also reporting that for some ticket holders on the band’s current tour, they will receive a free copy of the new EP, plus three previously released B-sides, and an “official” digital bootleg of the show they attend. Chalk that up to yet another innovative way that band’s are creating new paradigms of music distribution. The Lips are also scheduled to appear on the Colbert Report this Wednesday.

Besides The Flaming Lips, the band White Lies has made a relatively hard-to-find song, “Taxidermy,” available for download. The song was originally the B-side of the sold out 7″ single To Lose My Life, and has become a favorite at live shows. The band is currently on an extensive European-North American tour that will run through to the first week of December.

Included in this playlist are also great songs from recent and upcoming releases by Good Night States, Sea Wolf (via IGIF blog), A.A Bondy, The Mummers, Rubies, The Clean, Adam Semerdjian, and Glorytellers. You can grab the Indie Rock Cafe feed anytime to get reviews, playlists, releases, band profiles and more any way you want.

Check out the first installment of Ears To The Music, and also view Indie Songs of 2009, New Releases and all kind of indie rock playlists.  Crossed out song titles mean the mp3 link has expired; we have no control over that and it’s common to see in old posts.

“Silver Trembling Hands”The Flaming Lips from Embryonic (2009)

“Taxidermy”White Lies from To Lose My Life 7″ (2009)

“Arsonist’s Blues”Good Night, States from Impossible Tension EP (2009)

“Wicked Blood”Sea Wolf from White Water, White Bloom (2009)

“I Can See The Pines Are Dancing”A.A. Bondy from When The Devil’s Loose (2009)

“Wonderland”The Mummers from Tale To Tell (2009)

“Stand in a Line”Rubies from Explode from the Center (2009)

“Tensile”The Clean from Mister Pop (2009)

“Your Love”Alan Semerdjian from The Big Beauty (2009)

“Concaves”Glorytellers from Atone (2009)

The next playlist of new 2009 songs from recent and upcoming releases includes free and legal MP3 tracks from The Spinto Band, Darlings, Blackboots and Blackhearts, Yo La Tengo, Princeton, Casiokids, Grand Hallway and Chet.

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