Bands To Watch: Iceland’s Cinematic Indie Pop Group Blindfold Releases New Album

Blindfold is a London based indie band from Iceland who play what is commonly referred to as ‘cinematic indie pop’. The band’s newly released sophomore album Faking Dreams is layered with artistic, textured and sprawling ambient rock songs that take the listener on a journey through hypnotic sonic landscapes. Fans of Icelandic indie pop will recognize similarities with other home grown indie artists like Sigur Ros and Sin Fang Bous.

The band’s frontman, founder and composer, Biggi Hilmarsson, described Blindfold’s ‘cinematic’ sound like this: “We like building up songs with guitar crescendos and then pushing the mute button on all but 2 channels, we do it very roughly, but the outcome is often quite film-esque.”

Blindfold has already won praise in the UK press, but are still working on building a fan base in North America. The veteran UK rock zine NME – or New Music Express – called Blindfold’s music “heart-harpooning melancholia beauty married to austerity.”

At times, Blindfold’s music sounds similar to The Flaming Lips, Joy Division, and even Radiohead, as evidenced on songs like the fantastic “Don’t Think It’s A Sin” and the haunting title track “Faking Dreams”. One of the measures of a good song is in its natural ability to evoke emotions. Blindfold does this again and again on Faking Dreams with songs like “Sad Face” (watch video) and the instrumental track “Wait”.

Of the number of stand out tracks on the album, the dreamy alt rock track “Falleg Depurd” is a mesmerizing single that drifts along on ambient guitar jams, percussions and vocals, patiently building and soaring to a delightful crescendo. After listening to Blindfold’s new album a few times, it is clear why the English press is raving about their new release.

In addition to Hilmarsson, band members are guitarist Svenni, bassist Teitur, drummer Jon Mar and Maddalena on cello. Attempts to locate the band members’ last names have been exhausted; I guess it’s on a first name basis kind of thing. Whatever the case, their music speaks for itself.

“Falleg Depurd”Blindfold from Faking Dreams (2009)

“Don’t Think It’s A Sin”Blindfold from Faking Dreams (2009)

Get Faking Dreams now from Cine Pop Records

Check out more on the Blindfold MySpace page

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