World Ocean Day Mix: The Black Keys, The Format, Dennis Wilson, Sonic Youth, Vampire Hands, Sun Kil Moon, Love and Rockets

Orcas are just one of many threatened species in the world’s oceans (photo:

Dedicated to Al Gore

The planet faces a number of dire environmental threats, not only the problem of global warming. The oceans of our good earth are threatened, from the Atlantic and Pacific to the Arctic and Indian oceans. The ridiculous theory that floated around for decades was that the oceans were too big and deep to be affected by man’s polluting ways and from the pillage and plunder that has been wagged against them for the past century.

On Monday, June 8, hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of people worldwide, will honor, in various ways, World Ocean Day. Started in 1992, and given an official declaration this year by the United Nations, World Ocean Day is a symbolic gesture to raise awareness and encourage conservation and preservation of the oceans by governments and people everywhere. (See World Ocean Days by country)

In celebration of World Ocean Day, here’s a little mix with the hopes of raising even just a little awareness about how we all can turn the tide back in the oceans’ (and thus our own) favor. 

“Oceans & Streams”The Black Keys from Attack & Release (2008)

“Oceans”The Format from Dog Problems (2006)

“Delicious Ocean”Love and Rockets from Lift (1998)

“Diamond Sea”Sonic Youth from Washing Machine (1995)

“Sailing Man”Neil Halstead from Seasons (2002)

“Ocean”Velvet Underground, unreleased (1969)

“Out At Sea”Pete Kilpatrick from Yesterday Love (2005)

“Ocean Breathes Salty”Sun Kil Moon from Tiny Cities (2005)

“Oil Sea”Vampire Hands from Virgin Dust American Lips (2009)

“Pacific Ocean Blues”Dennis Wilson from Pacific Ocean Blue (2008)

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