Bands to Watch: Cleveland Alternative Rocker This Is A Shakedown! Has Got It Down

thisisashakdownlovekillsOne reason Cleveland Rocks is because of the alternative rock band This Is A Shakedown! Clearly the band is one of Cleveland’s best relatively new rock bands, and that’s no short order in the home of the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame.

This Is A Shakedown! are on a tear thanks to the release of their debut full-length album, Love Kills, and and a hot new video (below) filmed using Photoboth on 21 Macbooks with built-in cameras positioned at various angles. The results are interesting.

After listening to Love Kills, jammed with excellent, blistering rock songs, a number of times and seeing the big thumbs-up from others, This Is A Shakedown! is a ‘band to watch’ for alternative rock fans.

This Is A Shakedown! sites musical influences as “anything that is dark and makes you shake your ass.” But, more specially, lead singer and guitarist Brandon Zano names Soulwax, Brazilian Girls, The Presets and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

The band’s talented line-up also includes bassist Daniel Lee, drummer Stephen Nicholsen and Justin Jyilas on synthesizers and ‘programming’. These two other songs sound like alternative rock radio hits to me.

“Come And Cut My Heart Out”This Is A Shakedown! from Love Kills (2009)

“Radio”This Is A Shakedown! from Love Kills (2009)

Love Kills is available from Reversed Image Unlimited

This Is A Shakedown on MySpace

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