Portishead’s New Video MP3 "Machine Gun" To Hype First Release in a Decade

Few bands in today’s highly competitive and saturated music market can remain popular without having new material for fans on a regular basis.

But veteran indie electronic rockers Portishead have managed to overcome those odds for nearly a decade.

On April 28th, Portishead will release their first original collection of new material since 1997’s self-titled ‘trip hop’ classic, which propelled the band to celestial heights, and kept them going for years, thanks in large part to a loyal fan base and numerous performances at big music festivals over the last few years.

The new album, Third, (which may refer to the fact that this is only their third album since 1994’s classic Dummy) has been kept under tight wraps in hopes of preventing a leak, but just to make sure they don’t miss having some control over the “blogger buzz” that is so important nowadays, the band has just released their new video called “Machine Gun.”

MP3: Portishead – Machine Gun from upcoming release of Third.

See the Portishead official website for more information, ordering details and news updates. Just a quick note: The band needs to create a new and more dynamic website and definitely get rid of the frame-navigation of their site’s pages.

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