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Talented DIY and indie rock bands and artists are always deserving of being highlighted, especially when they create music that needs to be heard. These are indie music videos and songs from just some of the best indie rock bands we come across every week.

If you are an indie band with a music video or single to submit, check out IRC’s Submission Page. We rarely do album reviews because of the time commitment that requires.

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Updated: 15 May 2017

  1. Check out new music video from artist featured in last month’s new artists on IRC – story of a stripper addicted to crystal meth:

  2. vimeo staff newest pick is this new fantastic video from MAGENTA SKYCODE…lines like shot in the beautiful wildernesss of lapland..

  3. Hey I love the videos up here, but your missing one.

    that one. His name is Jackson Cook and he is an amasing teen rock star. I hope you look at the video and post it


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