London Band Curse of Lono Drop Videos for ‘Saturday Night’ Indie Short Film and Debut EP

The UK rock band Curse of Lono has been releasing a visually striking series of music videos that are part of a four-chapter, 18-minute short film and accompanying debut EP.

This newest, and third chapter, of the short film is “Saturday Night”, was inspired by a waitress that songwriter Felix Bechtolsheimer met while he was living in a sober house.

“I wrote [“Saturday Night”] for a beautiful waitress I met while I was living in a sober house…[she] died of a heroin overdose less than a year later and the song spent years sitting on the shelf gathering dust.”

Years later, he says, “When I stumbled across ‘Saturday Night,’ I had a big smile on my face. Lyrically there’s a lot of sexual innuendo but under the surface it sums up the sense of weariness and nihilism that surrounded my group of friends when we were in our teens and early twenties.”

The compelling, at times even dazzling, video was created with director and cinematographer Alex Walker (A Bird’s Nest, No One Will Know) and was shot by cinematographer Bart Sienkiewicz.

The collection of songs that emerged since then has formed a stunningly cinematic EP that combines spaced out, melodic, harmony-laden indie roots with driving, gothic guitar alt-rock elements, and a visually compelling story from start to finish.

Bechtolsheimer formed Curse of Lono in London in 2015 following the breakup of British roots pioneers Hey Negrita. Last summer, ex-Hey Negrita drummer Neil Findlay; lead guitarist Joe Hazell; bassist Charis Anderson and keyboardist Dani Ruiz Hernandez all joined Bechtolsheimer to complete the band.

Listen to more on the Curse of Lono’s Soundcloud page

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