In Dee Mail, Vol. XXVII – Lilly Wolf, Victors, Michael Kroll, Rusty Shipp, Telamor, The Disappearing Act, Hannah Kirby

With a sound that will appeal to fans of CHVRCHES and Grimes, the Brooklyn electro duo Lilly Wolf creates darkwave synth pop with a sharp edge. But it is Wolf’s powerful and magnificent – at times, borderline angelic – voice that stays with you long after listening to outstanding songs like “Violence” from the band’s latest release, Deleted Scenes. What a remarkable track – we can see why the hype machine is in motion for Lilly Wolf.

MP3 “Violence”Lilly Wolf

Fronted by Wolf and her best friend and bassist Alex Neuhausen, the project started out across the country at Stanford University when the two realized a mutual love for music and math. Another top track, “Promises and Plans,” is a straight-up, strapped down darkwave groove that highlights Wolf’s remarkable vocal talents. In fact, there are a number of songs on the EP that qualify as singles by themselves. Take your pick.

The duo have toured around the United States, and performed at SXSW and CMJ, as well as opening for artists such as Skyroads, Solander, Akrobatik, Shanaz Dorsett. Lilly Wolf’s biggest musical influences include Stromae, Elliott Smith, Robyn, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, and Rachmaninoff.

Without Wolf’s emotive, well-honed vocals, the duo would not stand out as much as they do from the parades of new synth pop duos that pop up left and right like tulips in spring these days. Neuhausen’s obvious production skills and deep bass lines (with contributions from drummer Tareq Almulaifi) are critical to what makes Lilly Wolf stand out. Their songs have been aired on shows like The Real World, The Bad Girls Club, among others.

Bonus Track: MP3: “Witness”Lilly Wolf

Lilly Wolf official website


Victors – “Tonight”

On April 8th, the Leeds electro pop/rock quartet Victors, will drop their new single, “Tonight,” produced by Andy Hawkin, who has worked with Maximo Park, Kaiser Chiefs, The Damned, Floggy Molly and Motion City Soundtrack. The production level that fans of any of those bands may be used to is also found on Victors’ new single.

“Tonight” has the potential to be a spring/summer hit with fans of any of the other bands listed above, and thanks to its passionate verve and attitude. After a triumphant 2015 of performing around the UK, including a sold out show with The Pierce Brothers at London’s 02 Academy, Victors are now putting the finishing touches on their debut EP to be released later this year.


Michael Kroll – Clamorous

Connecticut native and musician Michael Kroll, who would best be described as a heart and soul musician, will release his new album, Clamorous, on April 22nd. The album features intimate, lyrical stories in the grand tradition of a dyed-in-the-wool American singer-songwriter backed up by musical compositions which are at times delicate, sweeping and propulsive, as featured on the catchy, yet stark lyrical beauty, of “Soul of a Summer Day”, or the uplifting rush of the album opener “Blue.”

The record was produced by Andy Green (Lou Reed, John Cale) and features Tony Mason (Joan Osbourne, Norah Jones) on drums as well as Kenny White (Marc Cohn, Shawn Colvin) on keys. Kroll will perform at the Bowery Electric in NYC on April 8th with Emily Duff and Dina Regine.


Telamor – “Flash”

As a founding member of Boston‘s seminal punk pop bands of the late 70’s, the Atlantics, musician Tom Hauck‘s song, “Lonelyhearts,” rocketed to the top of the New England radio charts, making the band regional rock stars.

In recent years, Hauck has released a number of solo albums, including fun, witty and melodic albums like Pistonhead (2012) and Afterlife (2013).

Now, Hauck has released perhaps his most ambitious album to date. In fact, it is the fourth CD from Telamor. The album, Outside The Lines, is guitar based pop rock, with standout songs like “Flash.” As with all of his CDs as Telamor, he was assisted by Grammy-nominated producer Warren Babson.

Telamore on Bandcamp


The Disappearing Act – Born To Say Goodbye

Blending subtle rhythms, quiet programmed beats, lo-fi vocals, acoustic guitars and a melodically-oozing bass track with reverb-coated vocals, and a background flute, on songs like, “You And Me,” and the more uptempo, psychedelic Beatlesque “Peace by the Sea,” are some of the musical hallmarks of the El Paso alt. rock (hard to ‘genre-fy’ these guys) band The Disappearing Act.

Band members include Salim Nourallah (vocals, bass); Bob Blumenfeld (acoustic guitar); John Leffler (electric guitar); Nick Earl (electric guitar, effects); John Dufilho (drums), and Gabe Gonzalez (synthetic beat programming). Their biggest musical influences include Beatles, Clash, REM, Guided by Voices, Wilco, and Elvis Costello.

MP3: You and MeThe Disappearing Act from Born To Say Goodbye

MP3: Peace by the SeaThe Disappearing Act from Born To Say Goodbye

The Disappearing Act on Facebook

Rusty Shipp – “Sinking Scarabs”

Rusty Shipp is a Nashville rock band formed in 2014 by vocalist and guitarist Russ T. Shipp who recruited bassist Dustin Herres, whose bass grooves are dope and frenetic drummer Andrew Royer.

With heavy influences like Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Thrice, Chevelle, and The Beatles, Rusty Shipp continue to tunnel forays into the clubs, halls and alleys of Music City, making notches in their rock and roll belt with kick-ass music videos like “Sinking Scarabs,” Beatlesque hooks, punk and grunge verve, and the southern rock tenacity of Shipp himself.

Rusty Shipp on Facebook


Hannah Kirby – Fire in My Soul

As one of the top contestants on The Voice, singer-songwriter and musician Hanna Kirby has gone on to continue her career in music, creating an assortment of styles like folk, pop and electronica. Her debut solo album, Fire in My Soul, realizes many years of singing and creating music, that is very much like a fire in the soul when you listen to singles like the title track.

Fire in My Soul compilation via YouTube

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