New Releases from Attic Light, Flocke, Cait Brennan, and MMXJ

Attic Light, a relatively new Kansas City rock band, is known throughout the Midwest for its vigorous and eccentric live performances. Last summer they hit the studio; the result is the band’s new EP, The Exile, featuring a smoking lo-fi garage rock single, “Exile.”

The song could fit in nicely on a dark film soundtrack. It has a sinister presence with its repetitious and gritty guitar riff, brooding bass and reverb-laden, goth/hard rock vocals. The EP follows months of touring, appearing at lots of venues, regional radio stations, television programs, and publications throughout the heartland. The EP was recorded in Nashville with producer Dohse.

“Exile”Attic Light from Different Shades of Black


Flocke – Bye Polar Bear

Brooklyn indie chamber pop outfit Flocke has some mighty sweet sounds to share from the upcoming release of the debut album, Bye Polar Bear, due to drop on January 29th. Flocke is the side project of singer and songwriter Nicole Mercedes.

The result is the dreamy chamber pop found on standout singles like “Legs Are Not For Running,” with its magically soothing melodies that build up into a fully orchestrated flush of strings and keys, similar to orchestral pop flourishes made famous by Sufjan Stevens.

Her project came to light as a result of Mercedes’ desire to make “more lush sounding music; incorporating semi-orchestral arrangements into light pop songs” that were inspired by her love for film soundtracks and classical music. Other standout tracks include “Pink Robots,” “Venice,” the floating trumpets ans xylophone embellishments, and the dreamy chimes of “Easterling.”

Flocke was formed when Mercedes, inspired by film soundtracks and classical music, wanted to explore making more lush-sounding music, incorporating semi-orchestral arrangements into light pop songs. She teamed up with guitarist and long-time band mate Daniel Roth (Milan to Minsk) and drummer Aaron Mendelson (Isadora), using loopers and lo-fi keys to create a unique-sounding live performance. The album was produced by friend and producer Joe Rodgers (The Shivers, Kelli Scarr).


Cait Brennan – Debutante

To say Cait Brennan has lived many lives is truly an understatement. She’s been a schoolteacher, a working screenwriter, a dyed-in-the-wool indie record store clerk, a newspaper reporter, a printing plant grunt. She’s changed her name more times than she remembers and has occupied more genders than there are on the map. But one thing, above all, has burned bright at the center of everything: her music.

Because of a difficult time as a child and teenager coping with gender identity issues, Brennan’s lyrics are poignant, sad and hopeful all at once. Last year, she met indie pop musician Fernando Perdomo. He recognized the need to get Brennan’s music to more ears, and wanted to facilitate that. With Chris Price, he helped bring Laurel Canyon psych-folk legend Linda Perhacs back into music after a four-decade hiatus.

In the sultry heat of July, Brennan and Perdomo ripped out twelve songs from her extensive songbook, recording them all in five manic days and nights. The duo split production and instrumental duties, with Perdomo taking the lead and playing what Brennan calls “the badass virtuoso stuff”, like the Brian May-tribute guitar solo on “Harmony Lies” and the titanic four-horseman drumming of “Black Diamond,” both of which, like the album itself, demonstrate the duo’s incredible talents and skills to bring what started as an idea to full fruition.

The album, Debutante, officially drops this Friday, January 22nd.


MMXJ – Into The Wild

The highly-anticipated debut from Singapore’s rising DJ/producer MMXJ, Into The Wild, has produced two dope-heavy singles – “Kings,” featuring Gentle Bones, among other artists.

The album’s lead single “Kings” was co-written with popular local singer-songwriter Joel Tan (Gentle Bones), and aims to encourage anyone filled with self-doubt to learn how to trust and love one’s self.

“I composed [“Kings”] whilst going through a rough period in my life,” MMXJ says, “and had begun to doubt if I could succeed in my dream of pursuing a music career. This song served as much-needed hope and encouragement for me through rough water, and I hope it will do the same for everyone.”

Title track “Into The Wild” is the second single from the album, once again co-written with Gentle Bones and featuring vocals from Mae Sta, MMXJ’s fellow finalist on Idol.

“I’m a nature-lover at heart. I love the beach, the ocean and the mountains. This song stems from my personal connection with nature and the feeling that we’re all connected somehow,” explains MMXJ, on the inspiration behind the track. “It also hopes to serve as a reminder to live every day to its fullest and to make the most out of the life you have.” Both songs are awesome examples of globally-influenced EDM that a large worldwide audience of EDM lovers can get lost in.

Born in Singapore, raised in Hong Kong and the UK, and schooled in the U.S. studying at Stanford University, MJ, a.k.a MMXJ, is clearly a cosmopolitan young guy. His melodic electronic dance music has attracted fans from all over the world.

MMXJ’s musical journey began at the age of 8 when he picked up a guitar, and furthered along at age 12 when he began practicing the piano, inspired by artists like Jason Mraz and John Mayer. After placing as a finalist in the 3rd season of Singapore Idol, MMXJ then began further exploring EDM after witnessing Alesso and Swedish House Mafia perform at Coachella.

He began taking his love for music even further by exploring his sounds in Electronic Dance Music after watching Alesso and Swedish House Mafia perform at the renowned Coachella Arts and Music Festival in California.

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