Flashback Tracks Mix – Kill City Cartel, Guardian Alien, Battles, Dan Friel, Grinderman, Jon Lindsay, Versus, The Budos Band

killcitycartelFlashback Tracks is a playlist series aimed at featuring playlist mixes of standout, genre-bending singles from both DIY and signed artists that we love from the past. Hard to believe that IRC will be 8 years old this month!

First up is the track, “Miracle,” from London songwriter and vocalist Theo, aka, E-MUTE, released earlier this year. It’s impossible to miss the gorgeous melodies and potent message of this exemplary track. Listen to more of Theo’s music, including the new single, “Praise Your Senses,” at his website, E-MUTE Music. Next, “In The Metro” is the bouncy electro pop single from Australian quintet, Kill City Cartel. That should get your groove going. Next is a pair of songs that bring the noise at full throttle with walls of buzz saw guitars, feedback and distortion, speed base thumping, and crashing drums from Guardian Alien and Six Organs of Admittance. The psycho electro pop of the popular band Battles may remind you of the first time you heard this breakthrough NYC band’s debut LP, Dross Glop, two years ago; an album that went on to become of the best debut albums of the year thanks to singles like “Ice Cream.”

“Miracle”E-MUTE from single

“In The Metro” Kill City Cartel from In The Metro 7″

“See the World Given to a One Love Entity (Part 1)”Guardian Alien from See the World Given to a One Love Entity

“Waswasa” Six Organs of Admittance from Ascent

“Ice Cream” (Featuring Matias Aguayo) – Battles from Dross Glop
Track via TsuruRadio.com

Now, time for some more blaze with the sprawling remix of California dub-kraut duo Peking Lights‘ “Ulysses” from electro artist Dan Friel‘s debut EP Total Folklore. Friel is the founding member of the band Parts & Labor. If you’re a Dan Deacon fan, you’ll feel right at home with Friel. Plus, Stagnant Pools delivers the uncompromising wall of sound on “Dead Sailor.”

“Ulysses” (Peking Lights Remix) – Dan Friel from Valedictorian/Exoskeleton EP

“Dead Sailor”Stagnant Pools

The first song, “The Night,” from the band, Lioness, is electrifying and even a bit haunting. Fan Tony Vukosavljevic wrote on the song’s Soundcloud page: “Raw fuckin’ lyrics, the taste of something different & definitely refreshing.” Think Friday Nights circa 2006. The track is from the album The Golden Killer. Grinderman, the work of rock legend Nick Cave, offers a spooky SixToes remix of the Tom Waits-like, “When My Baby Comes,” with a Nightmare Before Christmas meets Jan Svankmajer-like animation short. Also, check out the melancholy guitar work (and admittedly amateurish, yet effectively creepy, video production) of Jon Porras; the soft indie folk of Mariee Sioux; the stormy instrumentation of artist Yann Tiersen, and the melodic, upbeat and silly spaghetti-eating contest video from The Wave Pictures.

“The Night”Lioness from The Golden Killer via New Romantic

“When My Baby Comes” (SixToes Remix) – Grinderman from Grinderman 2 RMX

“Into Midnight”Jon Porras from Black Mesa

Yann Tiersen-Skyline

“Another Shore”Yann Tiersen from Skyline

“Swimming Through Stone” Mariee Sioux from Gift For The End

“Spaghetti”The Wave Pictures from Long Black Cars

Jon Lindsay-Escape From Plaza-Midwood

Check out the angular guitars and vocals of the band, The Golden Dogs, plus Jon Lindsay‘s majestic and heartbreaking, “My Blue Angels,” followed by singles from A Lull, The Hush Now, Versus and The Budos Band‘s funky jazz fused with psychedelic rock track, “Unbroken, Unshaven.” Budos’ YouTube fan Jermz1 writes: “The short guitar riff at the intro is nice. The Budos Band consistently make outstanding music!” The video has received over 175,000 views.

“Permanent Record” The Golden Dogs from Coat of Arms

“My Blue Angels” Jon Lindsay from Escape From Plaza-Midwood

“Weapons For Wars”A Lull from Weapons For Wars


“Vietnam Giraffe”The Hush Now from Shiver Me Starships EP

“Invincible Hero”Versus from On the Ones and Threes

“Unbroken, Unshaven”The Budos Band from III

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