Band of The Week – The Bellegards

Every week, we try to have either a Band of The Week or an Artist of the Week in order to raise the profile of a DIY band or artist that deserves to be looked at – and listened to – more closely. The Bellegards, an indie rock trio from Selden, New York, originally formed in 2011, but had been making music on the down-low since 2005 when they decided to dedicate to their music full time – Vincent Palmeri (guitar, vocals), twin brother Nic Palmeri (bass, organ), and close friend Kevin Redding (drums). Technically, the band have been playing music together since 2005.

The band’s debut album, Perfect Strangers was released earlier this year after achieving their goal of raising $2,000 from Kickstarter. The album is chock full of energetic, melodic indie rock songs that almost immediately catchy. In the summer of 2012, the band released its debut EP, The Sea & Sand That Drowned The Band, with the terrific single, “Saltwater Serenade”. The Bellegards have opened for bands like The Toasters, Those Mockingbirds, and The Rotaries. Their top musical influences include The Band, The Who, Cold War Kids, The Strokes, Dawes, and Delta Spirit.

  “Dead End Street” – The Bellegards from Perfect Strangers

  “Sweet Hollow” – The Bellegards from Perfect Strangers

  Saltwater Serenade” – The Bellegards from The Sea & Sand That Drowned The Band

Listen to more of the songs from Perfect Strangers and the band’s EPs via The Bellegards Bandcamp page

See what the band is up to on The Bellegards Facebook page.

“Indie music today is like skiffle in the 50’s and 60’s; ordinary people playing extraordinary music that’s very innovative and unique. Talent is everywhere and indie rock has really helped to expose it.” – Nic Palmeri answering the question ‘what is indie rock to you?’

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  1. That first song has the same chord progression as neutral milk hotels in the aeroplane over the sea… Just slowed down to a boring crawl.

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