DIY Artist of the Week – Toronto Folk Singer/Songwriter Bryce Jardine

Bryce Jardine

Toronto DIY folk singer/songwriter Bryce Jardine set out as a promising solo artist last year after nine years playing in a local band. Thanks to two singles Jardine sent from his debut album, The Kids Are Gone, we were immediately smitten, and wondered why we hadn’t heard of him before now. Actually many extremely talented artists and bands featured on IRC haven’t received, for some reason, much or any mention on indie blogs and music sites, but often get more after their IRC profile. That’s why, this week, we chose Jarden as the DIY Artist of the Week.

Jardine, as a solo artist, is one of the most exciting DIY artists to emerge from Canada this year. His songs are crisp, seductively melodic, superbly written and produced, memorable and polished off with his impressive vocal work, where on songs like the album’s title track, and “Death in Life,” Jardine really shines. “The Kids Are All Gone” is probably one of the best DIY singles we’ve heard in 2012, and the follow-up track is a must-hear as well. We’ve been playing these two tracks – and others on his Bandcamp page – for the past few days again and again. All combined, it was a no-brainer on this side of the screen to name Jardine a DIY Artist of the Week.

“I wrote this record when everything in my life had fallen apart,” he told IRC. “I had no job, no band, and I was staying in an empty apartment on the 16th floor that my sister had rented out. I worked many times up to 12 hours a day on an acoustic guitar for about seven months and became quite isolated in the process. The result is an album that explores themes of loss of innocence, hope, redemption and love.”

“I have opened for many local indie acts, but thus far no name acts,” he said. “Although I have worked with members of The Kathleen Edwards Band, The Beauties, Serena Ryder, City And Colour in the studio.” Among his top musical influences are Townes Vand Zandt, Arcade Fire, Tom Waits, Neil Young, Bon Iver, Steve Earle, Lou Reed, and Leonard Cohen. All excellent examples of a young musician with a great taste in music.

The bet we have here in the cafe is that music lovers will catch on to Jardine’s brilliance, and the more they listen to his songs, the more they will be talking about him in the months to come. If not, something’s wrong with the universe. We certainly think there is a high potential for Jardine to have a bright 2013.

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“The Kids Are Gone”Bryce Jardine from The Kids Are Gone – Sept. 30th

“Death In Life”Bryce Jardine from The Kids Are Gone – Sept. 30th

Bryce Jardine Official Website
Jardine on Facebook

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  1. Im Stunned. I’ve been writing, playing, teaching and listening to music for thirty years and This guy is very good. What can I say? Not much that has been already said. Keep it up Bryce, I’m a fan and will tell all I know.

  2. You peeked my interest at DIY artist, as it is a subject really close to my heart. The purest music comes from those who have written for themselves, for no market, and without any other outside influence other then their often intense and sometimes painful personal experiences. So I listened. The first song was a bit too cheesy and bubbly for my taste so I moved on. And then I heard what you were referring to. A talented artist who clearly means what he says, exactly as an artist should be. In my mind his music dwells somewhere between David Gray and Tom Petty, two artists very dear to my heart. One does not have to be hooked on this genre to appreciate what Bryce is doing and the personal biographical bit on his bandcamp page definitely contributes to the sense of authenticity and personal nature of the work. I’m not entirely sure I’ll go rushing to buy it but the choice clearly reflects well on your blog, which I have started to enjoy recently. I look forward to hearing more.

  3. Wow!!! Blown away by Mr. Jardine and these tunes. Thanks once again to IRC for bringing music to the masses that we might never have discovered on our own.

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